A mixed bag

A mixed bag. This Islington apartment has a bunker (via b3ta). Housed in the Research Building at the New River Head site / another property, this time in a former WWII observation tower in Nova Scotia / Chipperfield vs Mies. It seems that only now have we got the technology to achieve the vision of architects like MvdR, but when it comes down it, their visions aren’t really worth expending all that energy on to achieve / some neon-drenched future cityscapes by nagafujiriku / velour-drench 1974 motorhome / Douglas Coupland, in defence of Elon Musk / the evolution of Android / see also, Google’s muddle of messaging apps (via MeFi) / The Ides of August, a good read on Afghanistan / some light insights into the drumming of Charlie Watts / The Cursed History of the Sexy Green M&M / photo essays collated at Landscape Stories, including Bedroom Rockers by Christopher Woodcock, From the study on Post Pubescent Manhood, by Stacy Kranitz and Notting Hill Sound Systems, a 2004 project by Brian David Stevens / Dog days of summer, a new album by Owl in the Sun.

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