A massive, useless shoebox

The story of the Eagle Transporter from Space 1999 (via Coudal) / the Museum of MADI (the Movimiento Artistico De Invencion) / Failure Magazine ‘is the online publication full of humankind’s boldest missteps’ / a cover archive of Italian design magazine Stile Industria / Stickers and Stuff, an inspiration blog / a flexible camper with a Vespa inside. Someone should build this / Junkculture, more zingy pictures / Attentives, the end of attribution / ZX Spectrum endings at the Video Game Museum / Nowness, more lifestyle. The digital SLR has shaped online lifestyle publications like no other device / Secret Style Icon: Edward Gorey and Everyone He Has Ever Drawn. Gorey’s edges ever closer to the mainstream. At Rookie mag.


An appropriate final link: Confessions of a struggling archaeologist. ‘If you don’t bother connecting backwards (source) as well as forward (readers), then that’s where the whole thing starts to lose any value. The ideal of connected information is becoming fractured, and it’s happening more and more with the increased popularity of simple blogging engines like Tumblr. This trend is of no use to creators or readers. It’s easier to throw a photo into a shoe box with other photos than it is to carefully catalogue it and store it with some consideration. The more people blindly post things without the associated information, the more the web becomes a massive, useless shoebox.’ Actually, ‘shoebox’ would have been a good alternative name for Tumblr.

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