A jumble of oddments

In no particular order. The fantastic Maison-Bulle, designed by Joël Unal et Claude Häusermann-Costy in 1972 / the best songs of 2021 / a turntable by Brian Eno / Global Sequencer, sounds from around the world / the Mushroom Color Atlas / life inside Britain’s worst winter wonderlands / The Originals, a virtual museum of Renaults / Every Second Song, from the shortest burst of sound onwards / the Lego Build & Capture Photo Contest 2021 / related, Investing in Lego more lucrative than gold, study suggests / Yankee Candle’s Stages of Abstraction / High School High, vintage yearbooks lovingly scanned (via Meanwhile) / the Orb Simulator / a collection of awful gifts / Artifact is a blog about old media / milestones in the history of home video / Inside a hollow library book, a secret library / It Looks Like the Millennial Aesthetic Is Finally, Officially Over / Unearthed footage shows a long-gone 1960s San Francisco. Video here / The Time Traveler Who Hunted Speed Records in an EV (ignore the click-baity title).

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