A House Is Not a Home

In pictures: Kenyan artist Khadambi Asalache’s London house, available to visit through the National Trust. See also Stephen Wright’s House of Dreams in South London and, for a more deliberately contrived approach, Grayson Perry and FAT’s A House for Essex / other things. Micro-Chop has ‘Song Deconstructions’, ‘dissecting beat making, DJing, rapping, and sampling’ / a bit of a cliche these days, perhaps: Tokyo as a Giant Video Game, photography by Davide Sasso / American Dream or American Nightmare, an architecture project by Maria Yue Ma / Much Unseen Is Also Here, photographer Joshua Dudley Greer cruises the interstates for Places Journal / it’s the next logical thing: Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion, via MeFi. Time to break out the UFO paperback gallery again / music by Lusts / five ways to cut down on phone use.

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