A good walk/large swathes of city spoiled

‘An 18-hole round of golf typically takes four hours to complete. During a typical summer day (8am to 8pm) that equates to a maximum number of 216 players per course. On this basis, if Regent’s Park in central London were to become a golf course, at 166 hectares it could only be used by 105 people at the same time – or 314 people per day. Visitor number for London’s parks are quite difficult to obtain, but [in] August 2007 Regent’s Park actually had 809,039 visitors; or just over 26,000 visitors each day.’

‘This is not a war on golf.’ Although would that be such a bad thing? The Golf Belt, a study by architect Russell Curtis (via the Guardian) / some other things. sheep-shaped heart / illustrations by Camilla Perkins / knitted animation by Chloe Lemay / illustrations by Peony Gent.

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