A Gap in the Street

Wickham’s Department Store, on Mile End Road, was once known as the ‘Harrods of the East’, part of a city-wide network of grand shops, often family owned, that offered their customers practically everything under one roof. Wickham’s unusual punctured facade was due to the resolute Spiegelhalter’s Jewelry Shop, which refused to sell up. The building has recently been renovated and Spiegelhalter’s building remains prominent. This ‘Holdout‘ is relatively uncommon in London, but is more recently seen in the ‘Nail Houses’ of China / other things. Matt’s Repository of Information, a design tumblr / the The Sheela Na Gig Project. See also at the BBC / The Sometimes Catastrophic, but Mostly Just Embarrassing Consequences of Screen Sharing at Work / Meet Vermeer, ‘Vermeer’s complete works united: 36 paintings from 18 museums across 7 different countries’ / Dirty Lies, a long read about Dieselgate / organ69 is a retro-themed Japanese keyboard shop / a new album Blood Red Shoes has sneaked out / Tortoise play their TNT album in full for its 21st anniversary / WePresent is a curated portfolio site from the WeTransfer people / A Huge Collection of Apollo 11 Press Kits / a comprehensive MeFi post about the Poverty Maps of Charles Booth.

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