A few things

The Shelf Appeal Flickr Stream is worth a visit / re-designing the Orbit / remember when design writing used to be fun? Sex and the City 2 is apparently aware of its double life as an urban design thesis.’ / Future Anterior, ‘the first and only journal in American academia to be devoted to the study and advancement of historic preservation’ / Gateshead, before and after (thanks to Coudal for the reminder).


Link selection, with some repetition / Unreliably Witnessed, a tumblr / Robert Corr, a weblog / a trip around Miniland Zoo / celebrating The Worst of Perth / Switched, a tumblr / Smoking Cinammon Sticks, another tumblr / Passenger Window, driving across America / work by Sophie Munns / Fortean Times has waded through the UFO files.

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3 Responses to A few things

  1. Shelf Appeal says:

    Thanks for the Flickr mention. Will Things ever crack and join Twitter..?

  2. Chris says:

    Warning: visit Shelf Appeal at your own risk.

    I clicked on the link to Shelf Appeal and might(?) have caught malware off that site. I later disabled cookies and javascript (and everything else short of unplugging the electricity) and bravely returned to check the source code of Shelf Appeal; I found the highly suspicious sounding www3.personal-pc-guard53.co.cc hiding in Shelf Appeal’s source code, very similar to a couple of other .cc domains that found their way onto my browsing history at around the same time.

    Needless to say, this has, for now at least, put me off clicking other links on Things magazine.

    • things says:

      Hmm – sounds unlikely (we have experienced nothing unusual) but it is of course not impossible.
      Has anyone else been able to replicate this? Shelf Appeal, has anyone else reported a problem?

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