A few quick things only

A few quick things. Headline of the day, ‘Why I can’t stop reading Mormon housewife blogs‘, or how the LDS encourages blogging, thrift and craft to form a perfect trifecta of contemporary concerns / an ode to flight simulator manuals / Caught by the River and danger: void behind door, two weblogs affiliated with Smoke: A London Peculiar / aviation videos at Airboyd.tv / Spacelog, ‘Read the stories of early space exploration from the original NASA transcripts’ / landscape paintings by Jeremy Miranda / Bracken, a tumblr / Kunstler Treu, online mixtapes / more Foster Dymaxion fun / The Spectral Dimension, ‘where the paranormal and popular culture collide’. Great / Horse Latitudes, a tumblr / Hand-Drawn Maps Of London: South Kensington.

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