A dog, a panic in a pagoda!

Steel is a symbol of industrial might, so the frisson of schadenfreude that accompanies revelations about substandard Chinese steel is palpable. A few years ago, there was a similar story, and the very latest industry scandal is the tale of the stretched steel, wherein reinforcing rods are given a little tweak to help go somewhat further / Radio Shack Catalogs (sic) / The Staff Recommends / Angelika Publishers. Ex Taschen goes independent / The Boombox Project, linked before / Chinese Posters.


Thinking in Tumblr, Alexandra Lange (of A Bit Late) on the compulsion to tumble / related: Pola Roid / Fuck Yeah Cartography, which works best as an archive / Designerly (especially the link to Benoit Paillé’s Tourist Self-Portrait series. We very much like his Banalité set as well) / product of circumstance (occasionally nsfw) / Doubling in the Middle, the world’s master palindrome makers (which is accompanied by The Greenward Palindrome + a list of references, acronyms, and abbreviations therein).

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