A commune on the hill

The shortlist of the UK House of the Year, 2015 / John Pawson’s instagram is kind of what you’d expect / an Architectural Revolution That Never Quite Was, the story of Prickly Mountain, a community of extraordinary architecture in Vermont (that last link via the excellent Sight Unseen) / going further back: a harrowing test drive in Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Car / music: Sennen / a collection of blog recommendations including Misfits Architecture / Apousiokoumpounophobia: the fear of the absence of buttons.


Why Don’t We “Like” Our Neighbors? The internet, proximity and how connectivity doesn’t necessarily mean increased community / Local history corner: Booth takes a walk through Peckham / family history exploration of the South London life of Joseph Partleton / (Then and Now) Photographs of the Old Kent Road / Standard Time: A clock rebuilt every minute. The antithesis of The Clock of the Long Now / buy new Pelican and get an old Pelican. You can’t choose, sadly: here are your potential options.

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