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Gilded and curved, the new Field Notes edition / Tumblr round-up: Grey Frequency, an ‘ambient music project’ / polychromatic images at Glorified Normal Stuff / incredible animations at Paper Orchard / portfolios and more at Lemon Zest / architectural constructions by McNabb and Co. / the economics of indie rock, Pomplamoose style / related, music and inflation / stalking the identity thieves, an art project by Jessamyn Lovell that has hints of Sophie Calle about it (at booooooom) / Bear Alley, a blog about books and old comics / the YouGov Profiler is an exercise in cultural extrapolation / Nuggets from the loft is about the archaeology of nostalgia, at Wiffle Lever to Full / illustrations by Agustin Coll / two jump-in-and-fly simulators to explore: R.A.D.E is full on browser-based insanity, while Simple Planes looks a little more cerebral, but still straightforward.

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