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Tumblr collection: illustrations by Shobu Tsuchiya / 1945-1975 Japan / Calligraphy by Sam (includes hypnotic gifs) / LiarTownUSA’s Netflix selection, TVGoHome for the streaming generation / Okkult Motion Pictures, especially the EXCERPTS series of film clips / Handmade Charlotte has a great eye / Beautiful Soviet Fashion of the 1960s and 1970s, at Vintage Everyday / The Rock ’n’ Roll Casualty Who Became a War Hero, from Soundgarden to Special Forces / Super Planet Crash, orbital mechanics / Carole Kaye, unsung hero of the bass guitar (via Jelly Roll for the Ear Hole).


Support Art Map London / the Science Museum’s Shipping Gallery is currently being completely overhauled. Check the 3D point cloud model of the old gallery / see also Cargo Law, one of those old school sites that has evolved into a repository of absolutely everything, from airship design to the ships of Starfleet and the legendary The Gallery of Transport Loss, the original fail blog / Why a cutting-edge observatory uses 30-year-old trucks. No radio interference apparently / Classroom teddy bears ‘prompt competitive parenting’.


Point and line to plate, creating food inspired by Kandinsky at MatandMe / see also The Futurist Cookbook / Venetians fight to save historical, ‘haunted’ island from luxury developers / photographs of an abandoned officers’ mess at RAF Duxford by Richard Chivers / The Shot I Never Forgot, photographers ‘share an image that has always remained with them, despite being unused’.

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