A clutch of collections, ancient and modern

Some things to browse, starting with the incredibly accurate cutlery drawer simulator (via b3ta) / Tiny Commotions, a weblog / Fan Ho’s Street Photography of 50s & 60s Hong Kong (at kottke) / Building on the Built, an architecture website / ‘I’d get 400 toilet rolls at a time’: how it feels to win a lifetime supply / sort of related, Financial Windfalls: 15 Stories of the Money That Changed Everything (via Kottke) / compare and contrast: the Steve Vai Guitar Database vs the Sonic Youth Illustrated Equipment Guide / MIDI City 2000, skyline music / Hypercard Adventures. Is this emulation, or something more? / see also Word Perhect (sic) / more old stuff: noclip (via MeFi), a dive into levels from consoles past / Cambridge Digital Library, an impressive collection of journals (via BBC News). Divided into collections like Curious Objects / see also MetPublications, Five Decades of Metropolitan Museum Of Art Publications online (via MeFi) / and another: Lost & Found: orphaned objects from the UL City Centre, ‘What library visitors left behind in the University Library City Centre in the year 2018’ (also via MeFi, which has a discussions of similar objets trouvé) / Tokyo Live Camera. Urban voyeurism.

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