A cavalcade of destinations

Very slowly and quietly and sadly, the haddock turned over and went belly-up in the water. One of the longest-running things on the internet and once the start of our daily browsing / Why do so many Russians turn to psychics? / the real Iran: Tehran, Esfahan, Kashan, a road trip in pictures / the Aiwa CS-M1, a microcassette boombox / Future Forms has plenty more space age hi-fi product / old school tech is lovingly rendered in the artwork of AJ PEllicciotti / an interactive guide to ambiguous grammar. Nice pay-off / The Footbook of Zombie Walking, an analysis of zombie media / clock projects by Humans Since 1982 / Oskar Stalberg creates scale-defying photographic installations / Miss Belvedere ‘is the nickname given to a new 1957 Plymouth Belvedere sport coupe sealed in a 50-year time capsule and finally unearthed on June 14, 2007’. The time capsule leaked / mutomuto, a tumblr / Machine Books are a digital arts publisher / modernist artworks by Brian Alfred, flagged up by Socks Studio / photography from Bonneville, where the world’s fastest people congregate in aid of self-improvement / the BBC investigates British prepper culture (which sadly views the Confederate flag as “a symbol of freedom and detachment from the government”) / The Lowdown on the Lowline, ‘a sneak peek into New York’s first underground park’. Related, Peckham Coal Line, a ‘high-level, urban, linear park connecting communities’, currently being crowd-funded.

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