A big stack of filing cabinets

Relevant to our interests. Did blogs ruin the web? Or did the web ruin blogs? It’s all about chronology and archives. We’d argue that it’s less about the ability to search and sift through that archive (although that is of course useful), but more about the sense of weight, continuity and physicality that a big mass of text brings. It’s psychological, rather than tangible / on to the usual linkage. My depression is like having a bad dog via (MeFi), by Kaye Blegvad / Koen makes intricate Lego models / Glou-Glou make intricate effects pedals / inside Jimmy Page’s Tower House in Holland Park / Metal Magazine, a publication about creativity / the problem with extreme male body transformations. Related, How to lose weight in 4 easy steps, a Medium classic / a homage to the unironic joys of cruising, ‘against the snarky subgenre of travel writing about mass-market luxury cruises’ / sort of related, Splendid Postcards of British Seaside Resorts in the 1960s. Parr before his time.

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