A big chunk of stuff

The mass death of a consumer robot / Fist of Jesus, a short, bloody film / How Technology Changed Music / ‘”Ghost Tape Number 10“, an audio mix the US military used for psychological operations in the Vietnam War’ / The China Syndrome “Turbine Trip” scene with newly composed soundtrack / swindles with a silicon mask, Mission Impossible style / the tale of the Beast of Gévaudan (1764–1767), at the great Public Domain Review / how to be a real online explorer: Zero Views; Astronaut; default filename tv / Owen Hatherley on brutalist attribution: Concrete clickbait: next time you share a spomenik photo, think about what it means / vertical futures, towers illustrated by Nick Coupland / Archimodels, a blog about architectural models (which is purely about aesthetics…) / “Renderers, if you can’t show us where we are, show us where we might go”, Betsky on the superficiality of the unreal, e.g. the skyscraper infinity pool / a gallery of unbuilt Tokyo / also sort of related, has the Serpentine Pavilion programme run its course? / see also The Colour Palace, the low-hi, hi-vis alternative / techno street drummer Dario Rossi, worth your time / a Google project that gives you the sounds of the ocean / shimmery things at the Tremelo Project / a pedal from Sunn O))) and EarthQuaker devices / best used while watching these Protean Clouds, an experiment created using Shadertoy / which is a long way from how things used to be: why a 30-year old Macintosh works better than today’s word processors. See also the hidden efficiency of old school tools / the week in space: what you didn’t know about Apollo 11; Apollo capsule found drifting in space?; Lego Apollo 11 Lunar Lander.

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