The sound(s) of confusion

Electronicos Fantasticos, which ‘reincarnate[s] old electronics to elektromagnetik native instruments and create the orchestra’. E.g. Barcode Boarding / Axel Hartmann designs synthesizers / a Kubrick-esque collection of Onlooker Postcards, at SwellMap’s fantastic Flickr page (via Meanwhile) / Watergate Living, old school advertising imagery. Taste the aspic / Picture the City, at the Bank of England Museum (via BBC News) / paintings by Claudia Rilling / paintings and photographs by Peggy Kuiper / photographs of discarded objects by Daria Piskareva (and the occasionally probably nsfw nude) / some words about Wordle. Overwhelming for its creator, quickly and controversially ripped off. Try this version for unlimited plays in a low-key way. Or try Letterle to experience the music of chance / the Sony CHORDMACHINE, one of those quirky combo creations from the 80s / concept art by Gus Mendonca / quirky one-off Ferrari by Michelotti / music by Es.

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Big spenders

The Loumavox (previously mentioned) turns out to be one of those elaborate Piltdown technology projects / IanVisits tracks changes to the London Tube Map / Rowan Moore on the objects that bring him joy / 43 forthcoming games, lots of beautiful environments to explore / Salvage Design by Kristen Meyer (via Colossal) / the Women of Rock Oral History Project / what does $295m buy you in Los Angeles? Related, in Rome, the Villa Aurora is valued at $534m: ‘There’s one small problem for [the buyer], however: the prince’s widow, Princess Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi — née Rita Carpenter, originally of San Antonio, Texas — who still lives in the villa and is more than loath to leave.’ / why have we never visited the virtual Sir John Soane’s Museum? (via MeFi) / the wild, wonderful world of estate sales.

There was a window of time, maybe the first decade of this century, where the cellphone presented an inconvenient obstacle to filmmakers. In order to preserve a sense of isolation and jeopardy, this new technology had to been shown not to work: No Signal Supercut. In the last ten years or so, mobile phones have become far more integrated as plot devices, far less likely to fail at inconvenient moments. Related, what movie plot would have been most easily solved with a simple cell phone?

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Dubious entertainments

Some slightly silly things that exist only in virtual plans; Floating Motors, boats that look like classic cars. Cryptoland, an elaborate parody? / instrumentals by Legos / a set of successfully crowdfunded product designs from 2021 / 52 things learned in 2021 / 52 more things learned in 2021 / The Year That Was and Wasn’t, at tmn / Mini Tokyo 3D, a fun realtime visualisation of the city’s transit system (via MeFi / a Wired article on gravity-driven energy storage systems / beautiful architectural drawings by Takuro Yamamoto Architects / Philipp Doringer’s Atlas Of No Direction Home, ‘ a database filled with all the locations relevant to Bob Dylan’s career’ (via w*) / play Video Games Developed Behind the Iron Curtain at Slovak Digital Games From the Late 80s. Often played on cloned Spectrums / talking of nostalgia, a look back at Ableton Live through the years / man spends six years recreating Ceefax: NMS Ceefax.

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Welcome to 2022

Why do we hate newer music the older we get? / Music, Makers and Machines, a Google Arts and Culture project for fans of early music technology / Golden Hymns Sing ‘Hurrah’, post rock from New York / Lebenswelt, gloomy atmo-folk from Italy / the best experimental music of 2021 / smart punky outbursts from Savak / the Lemonheads, live in 1987 / One-minute time machine, a short film / pictures of vanishing coastlines / London to Bath by Mk2 Jaguar, July 1963, at the Wiltshire Byways page (via Newbury Today) / M.R.James’s A Warning to the Curious, 1972, via Wyrd Britain.

Art selections. Landscapes by Louisa Longstaff-Scales / paintings by Tracy Everly / oil paintings by Michael Weller / art by Emily Thomas / paintings by Peter Jones / paintings by Michele Fletcher / paintings by Geraldine Swayne / a chance discovery of the existence of the Commissioners in Lunacy led us to the art collection amassed by Edward Adamson, and Simon Cornwell’s archived exploration of the long-demolished Cane Hill Hospital / a depressing infographic of American mass shootings / Prince of Persia online / meticulous remote controlled miniatures by Danny Huynh.

The Paper Bag Archive / the Plastic Bag Museum (via i-D) / related, the Sainsbury Archive / we weren’t aware, until we read this, that Mark Woods of Wood S Lot, died in 2017 / celebrating those we lost in 2021 / visual essays at The Pudding / SF Girl has an eye / browse the Mace Archives of amateur films.

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Seasonal round-up collection

Create glitchy sequences with Tahti Studio (via Bedroom Producers Blog) / A Conversation With Jean-Michel Jarre / the Loumavox, the synthesizer that time forgot / explore a landscape of sound with Forester (via CDM) / psychedelic Lego at Pen and Brick / music from Rouse the Boroughs / music from Sredni Vashtar / a link from RPS: which video game has the best snow? / re-shape the city with The Architect: Paris / a fond celebration of Usborne’s The World of the Unknown: Ghosts, complete with one of the original team turning up in the comments / The History of Horse Doping (at recto|verso) / book cover art collected by Ivan Chekhov / farewell to Richard Rogers. Many appreciations and obituaries are online, including two from Wallpaper*, Dezeen, the RIBA Journal and an earlier piece by Paul Rennie.

An archive of Uruguayan graphic design, for example this epic collection of bus tickets / elegant abstractions by Marie Amédro / paintings by Serena Rowe / paintings by Jason Line / art and design by Molly Haig / Sketched, a collection of artists’ sketchbooks / collages by Stéphanie Filion / drawers of dead birds at the Moore Lab of Zoology / Alex Shoots Buildings / pig-shaped pocket erotica viewer / the controversial Sky Pool keeps itself in the (bad) news / Nuclear Biscuit, all about a VR apocalypse / Collecting the Set, Monocle meets a mid-century prop store owner in Athens / the mythical creaturologist, daily drawn mysteries / urban exploration by Yahiro Takahashi / Festive Photos of Christmas Lights – and the People Behind Them.

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A jumble of oddments

In no particular order. The fantastic Maison-Bulle, designed by Joël Unal et Claude Häusermann-Costy in 1972 / the best songs of 2021 / a turntable by Brian Eno / Global Sequencer, sounds from around the world / the Mushroom Color Atlas / life inside Britain’s worst winter wonderlands / The Originals, a virtual museum of Renaults / Every Second Song, from the shortest burst of sound onwards / the Lego Build & Capture Photo Contest 2021 / related, Investing in Lego more lucrative than gold, study suggests / Yankee Candle’s Stages of Abstraction / High School High, vintage yearbooks lovingly scanned (via Meanwhile) / the Orb Simulator / a collection of awful gifts / Artifact is a blog about old media / milestones in the history of home video / Inside a hollow library book, a secret library / It Looks Like the Millennial Aesthetic Is Finally, Officially Over / Unearthed footage shows a long-gone 1960s San Francisco. Video here / The Time Traveler Who Hunted Speed Records in an EV (ignore the click-baity title).

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Why a toaster from 1949 is still smarter than any sold today. Related, The Toaster Project by Thomas Thwaites / Death Is Not The End, London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993, Vol. 1 / The Vinyl Boom. A slightly thrown together stat quoted within: ‘A band would have to amass 450k streams on Spotify to match the profit of 100 vinyl sales’ / a riff masterclass from Buzz Osborne of The Melvins / Strong & Stable My Arse: The Ephemera Of Jeremy Deller / we love the effortlessly generated worlds of Townscaper so much / art by Kieran Gabriel / music by Fires of Denmark / a virtual BBC Micro Model B (complete with Chuckie Egg!) / a virtual shredder game (both via b3ta) / music by Black Sky Giant / coming soon, new album from Loop. Related, fan-owned memorabilia / Brutal London chess set (via The Modern House gift guide) / Mikhail Filippov, a Russian classicist, has meticulous penmanship.

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Friday round-up

Art by Bianca Wilson / Seatback Safety, a collection of airline safety cards (via Kottke) / Outdoor Recreation Catalogs & Magazines (via tmn) / Susan Kare explains Macintosh UI ergonomics on Computer Chronicles in 1984 / RIP to Virgil Abloh; as seen in Wallpaper*; as seen in Vogue. One of his last, wild, designs: Project Maybach / Sarah Lipstate covers the Twin Peaks Theme for solo guitar / more abandoned earth by photographer Romain Veillon / the automotive afterlife, or where ‘old’ models go to live out their retirement / lists lists lists (which would no doubt send some commentators into a righteous rage). Fifty gifts for architecture lovers; 200 feelgood gift ideas; Ten unbuilt statement buildings / new arts and crafts at Wandering People / moral panics and media storms collected at The Pessimists Archive / Whose land am I on? Native Land Acknowledgement / Huang Yong Ping’s aluminium sea serpent.

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Dream worlds

Hidden patterns in tropical fruit / underground test / The Sun In Ultra-HD / art by Russell Moreton / the Frinton Park Estate Mini Guide / 25 years on from Adam and Joe / technology is beautiful: Docubyte (via Synth History) / Ghost Signs: A London Story (via Meanwhile) / the Porsche 911 price index / the Smithsons’ Upper Lawn / music by Softie / music by Numan / the cinematography of Denis Villeneuves (and his collaborators) / landscape paintings from Western art / Behind You, art by Brian Coldrick / Brick Bending / art by Eliseo H. Zubiri / Turkeys voting for Christmas / Jodorowsky and Giraud’s storyboards for Herbert’s Dune: estimate, c25k euros. Sale price? €2.7m. With art by Chris Foss and special effects by Dan O’Bannon

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Missed opportunities

Amectran Exar-1, 1979, at Concept Bunny. The Amectran (‘AMerican ECological TRANsportation’) was ahead of its time, styled by Pietro Frua and has almost as many conspiracy theories as GM’s EV-1 / two books to support: To Have and To Hold: ‘a collection of paper bag ephemera from a bygone era’ / Clangers: The Complete Scripts 1969-1974 / special effects explained at the Stan Winston School / the Robert Bruno-designed Steel House is for sale / How we made The Only One I Know / miniature art by Tatsuya Tanaka / Chile’s desert dumping ground for fast fashion leftovers / First person Brexit Britain / TV too high? Ask the experts / the original Gittler guitar / the things we have lost to the internet / it’s grim up North.

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Going behind your back

Carter and Goldfinger explain the County of London Plan, at A London Inheritance from 1945 / illustrations by Vorja Sánchez / art and installations by Antti Laitinen / Arquitectura libre, a project that ‘focuses primarily on the architecture of remittances; the fantastical houses being built by financing from Mexican immigrants in the US who send money home’ / what’s the point of the Lego Titanic? Except for 9090 pieces. See also, the rise of the ‘kidult’ Christmas list / The McMansion Hell Yearbook reaches 1981. It’s a doozy / sort of related, Secret Bases / when Pininfarina built six Ferraris for the Sultan of Brunei’s awful brother. Without telling Ferrari / in memory of designer Bob Gill / seen everywhere, but worth your while: Jurassic Park with a cat / why is this interesting? The Taylor’s Version Edition. On music, rights, and re-recording. See Taylor Swift – All Too Well: The Short Film / the Tesla Death Ray (remember the Tesla flamethrower?) / minimalist games and interactions by Hakim El Hattab / photography by Catherine Hyland / The Family Museum, a research project based around a ‘collection of around 25,000 original British amateur family photographs and 300 photo albums, dating from the 1850s to the noughties.’ Some of the collection can be seen on the Family Museum Blog.

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Moving on up

Dadrock posturing special: Screamadelica Stratocaster / carvings by Zoe Wilson / an accumulation of things / Architecture // Architects as jazz album covers, by Eugene Schlumberger / exploring a semi-abandoned Chinese city / a pair of dream woodland houses: Cadbury Camp Lane and Loch Tummel House (both via Wowhaus, I and II) / the Nakagin Capsule Tower faces an uncertain future / ‘A strangely alluring cocktail of dad dancing and traffic chat: architecture on TikTok‘ / photography by Rumi Ando / a marvellous postcard collection / which are the most wanted cassettes at Discogs?

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Music and more

Dune: we simulated the desert planet of Arrakis to see if humans could survive there’ / Nick Cave talks with Mick Harvey and Warren Ellis about Bad Seeds’ B-sides and more / 35 interesting maps / happy birthday Loveless. Lots of good links / architectural art by Charlie (‘I like tiny details’) / The Verge’s worst gadgets / exploring the hidden world of forgotten slate mines in north Wales / Hundred Rabbits, combining endurance sailing and software coding / art by Betty Jiang / EL TALLER pino, an exploration into the structure and design of electrical equipment / Jess Allen makes beautiful paintings.

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Sound reasoning

The new issue of Paperboy Magazine is out now / The Library of Misremembered Books / a full copy of Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation from 2006 / Pavel builds Kalimbas / Studio Drift’s Materialism, reverse engineeringthe materials in everyday objects, from smart phones to sub-machine guns (via the Guardian) / Jay Nelson makes camper vans that are also art / music: Giles Turnbull’s show Unreel / excellent live videos from the guitar-heavy Brixton Windmill scene and elsewhere by Lou Smith. Includes bands like Black Midi, Goat Girl, The Romance of Baba Loco, Children of the Pope and many more / epic soundtrack sweeps in Ladytron’s The Mountain (Blakkat Dub) / Iman Joy El Shami-Mader is the mythical creaturologist / paintings by Miranda Boulton / Laura Kampf makes excellent videos about making things / Paul Slade’s Secret London.

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Fights and findings

The Battle of Brixton, 1957 / the demolition of the Elephant and Castle shopping centre / Historical Reconstruction of the 1915 Ford Model T Assembly Line / Retro collectors are uncovering hoards of old data / Mountain View Cemetery: star of Hollywood funeral scenes / pulp fiction: Paperback Mannie / time traveling with words / Volcanic Activity In Japan Is Lifting Abandoned Ships Out Of The Ocean / objects from The Ricky Jay Collection, the late magician’s history of magic / see also Karl Lagerfeld’s design collection at Sotheby’s / At home with Jeff Koons / paintings by Sebastian Blanck, complete with time lapse films of works in progress / shifting sands, the latest in beach engineering / Pawtuxet, ‘a steel string guitar with soundboard left a whole year in a beehive. Cedar, Bubinga, nomex, honeycombs, rosewood, mahogany, beeswax finish, and propolis’ / Gogotte Formations.

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Mid-week round-up

This and that from here and there. Art by Victor-John Villanueva (nsfw in a pixellated kind of way) / Crafting sound and embroidering circuits with Sam Topley / a new children’s book, My Daddy Has 100 Synths. There should be a Mummy version too, quite frankly / Tesla quality control / new stations means a new London Underground map / paintings by Hope Gangloff / Rock, Paper, Scissors, the deluxe edition / the debut of the Balloon World Cup / the work of Frank Brangwyn at the Modern British Art Gallery / this is good: Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week (via Kottke) / classic Modernist facades by Studio Sander Patelski / Stories from Architecture: Behind the Lines at Drawing Matter, ‘the imagined histories of twenty-five architectural drawings and models, told through reminiscences, stories, conversations, letters, and monologues.’ For example: How to Fire Frank Lloyd Wright (thanks TT).

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Thursday ephemera trawl

A collection of things. Jarvis Cocker’s Aline, Aline, a video directed by Wes Anderson. See also Anderson’s train carriage for British Pullman / farewell to Rick Jones of Fingerbobs / 2001 A Space Odyssey: Dubstep re-edit. See also 2001: A Spiritualized Odyssey / post-tourism Bali / a profile of architectural photographer Hélène Binet. Hélène Binet’s website / 8 BIT, a documentary about art and videogames / which animals are bastards? There is no right or wrong / the origins of techno-paranoia, Illustrations of Madness: James Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom, at the Public Domain Review (via MeFi) / Klimt vs Klimt, lavish presentation of the Austrian artist’s work at Google Arts & Culture / the Walk of Life Project, enhancing film endings old and new / the Hollywood Age Gap / Ride’s Andy Bell on Revolver / sample collections at the Piano Book / First Woman, the tale of the first woman on the moon, an online comic from NASA / art by Pierpaolo Rovero / Walking the Capital Ring, a set of guides from the Inner London Ramblers / a huge collection of unknown but useful websites / some top tips on aggregating and assembling a personal digital archive.

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Truth or bear

A Place Like No Other: the mysteries of Suffolk Pink / a new book about Mid-Century British architecture / Berlin U-Bahn Architecture & Design Map (via Wallpaper*) / a review of ‘The Great Beanie Baby Bubble’ by Zac Bissonnette. At one point, ‘Beanie Babies represented 10 percent of eBay’s sales.’ / Twisted Toys want your data / A True Story About Bogus Photos of People Making Fake News / a new documentary about Dinosaur Jr / The 70-Year Evolution of the IKEA Living Room / remembering Steve Jobs / build a virtual replica of a 1950s electronic recording studio / join the Peckham Conker Club / make (a lot of) toast. The more the better.

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All that is solid

Collections and archives. the Thames Television YouTube archive (via MeFi) / the London Picture Archive / File Not Found, ‘A generation that grew up with Google is forcing professors to rethink their lesson plans’. How the ‘traditional’ metaphor of files and filing cabinets means nothing to cloud-based Gen Z’ers / Mu:zines, ‘a non-commercial, labour-of-love archive project to collect, scan and re-publish old music production magazines’ / The Digital Death of Collecting (via MeFi). Platforms no longer conjure up nostalgia and loss, but a sense of actually being lost in culture: ‘The shifting sands of digital technology have robbed these collections of their meaning; the context in which they originally existed can no longer be experienced and they only appear as nostalgic ruins, the remains of once-inhabited metropolises gone silent.’

Other things. Inside Prora, a film about the ‘Colossus of Rugen‘ / Battleship Berlin, a documentary about the city’s brutalist heritage / The Police Shooting of Mark Duggan, a new investigation by Cabinet magazine and Forensic Architecture / Just Checking In, a classic piece of writing / the best-selling vehicles in American by State / the subtle and self-defeating art of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination / Schadenfreude watch, skyscraper edition / Artist Thierry Mandon Lives in Suspended Domestic Scenes Within the Ghost Rooms of Severed Buildings / virtual instruments by Plogue / I’ll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute to The Velvet Underground & Nico / Azimuth, an undulating digital soundscape.

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Collect the set

What would a flat earth really be like? / a new issue of Dirty Furniture is forthcoming / The Witching Museum / a new version of Jenni Sparks’ hand-drawn map of London / for Autumn, 56 trees in modern British art / Why is this interesting? The Chatbot Edition: On Turing, patterns, and arguments / the McMansion Hell Yearbook has reached 1980. Collect the set: 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, and 1979 / In-A-Gadda-Da-England, ‘A book of documentary photographs about England made from 2002-2020’ by Edward Thompson / paintings by Francisco Sierra / get your records pressed at Press On Vinyl.

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