Click clack

Hailing Ishimura is a Sci-Fi Post-Rock Indie Band out of Southeastern Virginia / Divide and Dissolve, doom and drone / music by Aaronson / Lennon-McCartney / Sounds Maps, a music history of Peckham and Camberwell / new music podcast recommendations / illustration by Owen D.Pomery / the Minimalist Wave, reduced surfing style by Alain Bourdon / ‘Japanese City Launches Campaign to Preserve Forest that Inspired Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘My Neighbor Totoro’‘ / Emma Willard’s Maps of Time (via tmn) / A way from home: Bethlem artists on longing and belonging / The Automotive Absurdism of Pippa Garner / macro magic at Object Videos / AI stem-seeking magic at Split my Song / the lost sound of the Departure Board.

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The best bits are 8-bits

Superlatives, photographs by Christoph Morlinghaus / art by Calder Moore / Japanese prints at the Egenolf Gallery / paintings by Jesse Dayan / Rare Historical Photos / Graphing Parking, car use in facts, figures, and diagrams / illustration by Guy Billout / vintage video games for sale at Lulu Berlu / Super Planet Crash! / an Art Deco/Moderne house in South London that once belonged to the somewhat controversial Hans Eysenck / all about the South Coast’s exclusive Aldwick Bay Estate / the ongoing plans to build above South Kensington Tube Station / London’s Most Heterosexual Neighbourhoods: An Unofficial Guide.


Today’s Black Mirror tech story: Amazon’s Alexa could turn dead loved ones into digital assistant / unsettling art and imagery by Reuben Wu / the work of designer Jon-Paul Wheatley, who also makes footballs (Instagram) / ‘Five video games where architecture creates a “lifelike and immersive experience”‘ / This is a Recording, a traditional blog (hooray) about random pics from a personal record collection (hooray) / ‘… the Often-Disturbing Biographies of Great Children’s Book Authors‘ / ‘I bought a York City turnstile at auction. It’s the best £300 I’ve spent‘, a great piece by Daniel B-G / more memoirs, this time Rosecrans Baldwin on the Rock Star Next Door .


Seen everywhere, but great all the same: Bonobo & Anna Lapwood perform Otomo live at the Royal Albert Hall / recommendations for great narrative music videos / A Trail Tale, 8-bit hiking simulator (via b3ta) / the world’s smallest international bridge? / the LOLCat Bible Translation Project, via depths of Wikipedia. version / paintings by Orlanda Broom.

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Walk like an Egyptian

A triumph of miniaturization: making Lego displays for real / see also The User Experience Design of Lego Interface Panels, at the resting and hopefully refreshing Kottke / this is where all the old cars went, the legacy of the UK’s 2009 Vehicle Scrappage Scheme / a rare opportunity to buy a house by John Outram, The Egyptian House / it turns out that superyachts are incredibly fragile, made from “costly, and perishable materials: marble, gilded metal fittings, sensitive carpets, silk, precious woods and leathers, teak decking, mirror polished stainless steel and a high gloss paint system…. Without the right care, and the kind of temperature and humidity controls normally used to preserve valuable artworks, the captain said the Amadea would “rapidly deteriorate”, leaving “an unsaleable hull”” / photography by An-Sofie Kesteleyn / Generative Artworks / play with parameters at Sliderland / old Japanese guitar catalogues.

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Ride the tiger

Theme parks on fire, the story of Freedomland at Atlas Obscura (via MeFi) / some paintings by Alex Kanevsky / ever wondered where all the old cars went? / the Classic ZX Spectrum Loading Screen World Cup / a cavalcade of kitsch at the Estate of Legendary Entertainers Siegfried & Roy Comes to Auction at Bonhams / Gabriele Galimberti’s photographic project, The Ameriguns is always a shocker (via Joey Johnson) / inventive surrealism by photographer Brooke Didonato / content aware typography / Artvee, public domain art search engine (both via Meanwhile) / property from the John Peel Archive / images of extinction, from a new book by Marc Schlossman / Steve Hillage’s 1979 Glastonbury show (see also Hillage live at Kent University, 1979) / see also, A History of Glastonbury Festival and Archive at the V&A.

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Knives out

Sacred Modernity, a forthcoming look at the best of European church architecture (via Wallpaper*) / see also this collection of abandoned churches / can you count Ten Seconds (via Spark Edition) / 45 of the best shoegaze songs / Top 100 90’s Hip Hop Samples 1990-1999 / the 200 Most Important Artists of Pitchfork’s First 25 Years / Excerpt from “Neighbors”, a 1952 short film by Norman McLaren (via Synth History) / Sequential Founder & ‘Father Of MIDI’ Dave Smith Has Died / Composers & Computers, a new podcast. Both links via Synthtopia / elaborate handmade watches by Masahiro Kikuno / the critical axes are being sharpened, once again, for Thomas Heatherwick, whose ‘Tree of Trees‘ is already primed for a fall.

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Deep underground

Bassist Guy Pratt gives the run-down on the bassline for Like a Prayer / farewell to Cathal Coughlan / The Vast Career of Tara Jane O’Neil / Who Sampled Who? / at home with the late Ken Adam, 2016, photographs by Nigel Shafran / the Caspian Sea monster is back: DARPA Liberty Lifter / a selection of supercuts from Sam Lavigne (via MeFi) / glitch meets Google Earth, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII & Thomas Collet, Live at Berlin Atonal 2021 / the story of Massimo Vignelli’s NY subway map / Shit Planning, the other end of the spectrum / did Brunel create a solar alignment to celebrate his birthday? We’re not sure / which takes us to the story of the Burlington Bunker, or the Central Government War Headquarters in Corsham, ‘the former emergency relocations site for the government in the event of nuclear attack,’ accessible via the Box Tunnel / the Underpinnings Museum, dedicated to the history of underwear / Occlusion Grotesque, a wood-cut font that continues to grow / Andreas Papadakis and deconstructivism / a new exhibition of the work of William Heath Robinson / Gubns, ‘a niche community and curated collection of treasures designed by those in the field of architecture’.

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End Titles

Some tributes to Vangelis: MeFi; CDM; Guardian obituary; Synthtopia / a dramatic suburban London house by SPPARC / The Peculiar Manicule, a collection of pigeon-toed orange peel-style imagery (via Meanwhile) / Jony Ive’s stationery fetish is called out / new music by Fräulein / music recommendations at Get in her ears. See also new sounds from ARXX; Softcult; Projector / ambient-prog-electronica-minimalism by Simon Slator / illustrations by Woshibai / Nazi Billionaires, a new book about the ongoing industrial legacy of WWII / on the Erdstall, Bavarian’s mystery tunnels / the Engine Sound edition, ‘On power, sound, and American automotive culture.’

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The devil’s jukebox

A round-up of the battered and forgotten devices that were the iPod’s failed competitors (via tmn) / excellent music by Pocket Sun / Flummox Industries / music by Dreamweapon / a traumatic update on the life and work of the amazing Nina Nastasia / ‘AIRAMP: Bringing Winamp Into The Real World’ / loving the look, if not the price, of the newly revised Teenage Engineering OP-1 field / art by Takahiro Iwasaki / paintings by Henry Ward / paintings by Tim Ball / temporary temples, ‘author Benjamin Myers on the crop-circle makers who ‘blew people’s minds’ / a different sort of haunted landscape, the coiners of West Yorkshire / ‘Barbican before the Blitz‘ and ‘Me and my motorcade‘, illustrations by the late Russell Bell / A Guide to Six Strange Ocean Phenomena through a 19th Century Text / an old school website for old school futures: Space Opera / the special collections of the British Geological Survey / photographs by Lucas Foglia / Moment 22, the Swedish edition / the rolling Slabs of Detroit, exploring the wilder (and wider) side of auto culture.

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Spaces and places

Big Beautiful Brutalism, a new limited-edition monograph from photographer Jo Underhill / the series ‘A Future City from the Past’, by Clemens Gritl (via Meanwhile) / Bold Ventures is a book by Charlotte van den Broeck about ‘buildings that were fatal for their architects – architects who either killed themselves or are rumoured to have done so’. Guardian review / the Cava House by André Restelli / buy a fort / buy a tower / MIDI guitar concept by Joris Wegner / Ball of Wax, a music magazine / A Cage by Another Name, Sasha Plotnikova on the understandably controversial “Tiny Home Villages” of 6m2 square shed houses that are trying to solve LA’s homelessness crisis / Canal Knowledge: The Fall and Rise of Surrey Canal Road Station, a ghost of a rail station yet to be built.

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Mixing it up

The magnificent David Rumsey Map Collection / see also the very excellent Layers of London, which is endlessly interesting. It sent us off on a tangent to the remarkable LJ4D Project, ‘an ongoing project to model the development of Loughborough Junction from the mid-19th century up to the current day,’ created by the architect Colin Macinnes. If only all of London was subjected to such delicious scrutiny / the Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon, 1971 / the Tom and Jerry House in Thailand, so called because it evokes the crazy physics and interactions of the cartoon / The wild abandoned railway in the centre of Paris / Archidialog, a blog that traces ‘the inspiration sources of architects’ / always worth a look, the ‘
Afro-Futuristic Fantasy Architecture of Bodys Isek Kingelez
‘ / a collection of Modern Architecture Postcards / automotive artist Tony Matthews, king of the cutaway / Installation magazine / animated pixel art by Anas Abdin / New Order, live at the Manhattan Club, Leuven, Belgium, 17 December 1985 / StarWaves, an audio-visual synth / ambient noises by Oplen / Best Practices for Time Travelers / Kottke is off on a well-earned six month sabbatical. Don’t be gone too long.

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A House Rolling Through the Countryside

Brendan Burton’s images of Idaho, Oregon and Washington / Pushing the Needle makes a pertinent point about turning golf courses into homes. See alsoThe Golf Belt‘, ‘How sustainable development on London’s golf courses can help address the housing crisis’ / see also, The Intersection Series by Tom Hegen / compare and contrast: seven wayward tech predictions versus Jean-Marc Côté’s visions of the year 2000, ‘commissioned by toy manufacturer Armand Gervais et Cie for the 1900 Paris Exposition‘ / From Loch Ness to the Essex Serpent, why are humans so keen to invent sea monsters? ‘I filled an empty bottle with Loch Ness water, took it home to put in the cupboard under the stairs, and waited for tiny plesiosaurs to hatch out.’ / Cocker on collectors / epic music by John Di Pasquale (a band, not a person) / to celebrate a new Dr Who, ‘recreate the sounds of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop using the Web Audio API’.

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Music and memories

The lost soundtracks of Fire Island (via MeFi) / also via MF, Bartosz Ciechanowski delves into the workings of the Mechanical Watch / illustrations by Varguy / a large collection of live gigs at East London venue Biddle Bros. Many of these could do with having the band’s name added for a start / radio shows broadcast and archived at Amateurism / the story of the Amiga’s contribution to dance music / an AI-driven beat loop generator / music by the Human Hand Band / Ztxtz, a tumblr / now due to open on 24 May 2022, one indication of how long Crossrail (the Elizabeth Line) has been in the making is that the project’s press gallery is hosted on Flickr / modernist books for sale / at 87 years old, John Outram gets his overdue revival. History will show that his radical plan for Battersea Power Station would have been the best thing to happen to the site / art by Hubert Arthur Finney / the world’s smallest two-storey caravan / were crop circles great art? / a 1am stroll through south London.

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The roads beneath the chimneys

We are always up for a story on London’s Lost Ringways (see the image of buzzing Brixton’s elevated motorway we posted a few days ago). This one came via MeFi and is at the excellent Works in Progress / staying with imagined London, Architectures/Models has a post about Battersea Power Station, The Wretched Boar, which locates the looming hulk within its many cameos as a symbol of dystopian gloom and monumental authoritarianism, as well as the iconography of power that helped define its shape. Images of the forthcoming Apple Battersea Campus are in very short supply. Our related Battersea page / Some other things. The meticulous illustrations of Doug John Miller / music from Anika / The Expanding Job, on hidden (female) labour in academia / art by Lucy Giles / art by Benjamin Hope / rating art by rock stars / Kerdalo paints whooshing dynamic cityscapes.

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Chained to the desk

Metaphorically sticking an ice pick into the heart of parliamentary debate‘ / poorly photoshopped/staged family photos from films, via the Guardian / a comprehensive post on a frighteningly talented AI illustrator / see also infinite brushstroke landscape / ‘This Deadly Isle charts puzzling murders, strange disappearances and devilish mysteries from the Home Counties to the Hebrides, all painstakingly documented in a map redolent of the era.’ See also Agatha Christie’s England / Wikipedia’s List of Software Bugs, chronicling lost spaceship, wayward fighter jets, and awful medical equipment malfunctions / a map of the blogosphere. You don’t seem to be able to click on the blogs and/or search it, which is a bit frustrating / r/Mazes / see also the Video Game Atlas and some Spectrum maps for old times’ sake / we remember when the relatively mediocre po-mo office block at Angel went up. Now the owner wants it to come down. Is this just the inevitable lifecycle of commercial buildings or should we be being a bit smarter? / hours of old films at Pizzaflix / a collection of old movies, colourized and upscaled to 4k and 50 fps / Wikipedia’s list of magic tricks / Laputa, Jonathan Swift’s flying island / the proposed design of the Whale Museum on the Norwegian island of Andøya / Return of the Slimepires, a fun pixel game / music from Grok / What Colour is Sound, ‘Label specialising in compilations of the wyrd and wonderful. Indie folk. acid country, European chansons, psych rock, electronica, experimental and beyond’ / we’re very fond of tumblr, so stories like this, the inside story of how Tumblr lost its way, are fascinating and a little bit sad (and don’t even get us started on Flickr…) / a homage to trackers, the pioneering music sequencing software / Spain in Ugly / This bench does not exist, more AI experiments. Big datasets, that’s what it’s all about / Niche Museums, a wonderful collection. Both via b3ta / Google’s Earth Day Doodle / Tokyo’s Manuscript Writing Cafe ‘only allows writers on a deadline, and won’t let them leave until finished’.

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Cutting edge

Welcome to Mac OS 8, the ‘Infinite Macintosh’ project / ‘heavy ass EVs are going to kill us all‘ / related, the physics of the jumping Tesla / paintings by Erin Raedeke / Tom Hegen’s photographs of solar arrays (at Colossal), one of many sets of images of changing landscapes / Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture, a show at the Bilbao Guggenheim / Spotifictional, imagined music created for other media / ‘what is something in your profession that has been proven to be ineffective … but is still done by many/most people in that profession?‘ / Video Games That Are Also Architectural Masterpieces / the alternate history forum / we’re looking forward to Spaceships over Glasgow, coming soon from White Rabbit Books / illustrations by Doug John Miller / ‘photographer Roman Robroek Captures the Decline of the Church in Italy‘ (via Colossal) / see also Jamie McGregor Smith’s forthcoming Sacred Modernity / beautiful photo essay about London retail life: Behind the Shop Facade: the life and times of Maurice Dorfman.

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Badge engineering

Esoterica takes flight today, starting with a truly deep dive in Chinese Jeep Cherokee clones at The Autopian, a new site dedicated to automotive and transportation miscellany / speaking of which, whatever happened to Ford Timelord? An important question, especially with the arrival of Welcome to the Dark Ages. The KLF on YouTube / all things old Ladybird books and their artists at ‘The Wonderful World of the Ladybird Artists’ at Ladybird Flyaway Home. Also on Instagram / Tea Tags, etc., one of a number of great collection galleries at Alexander Ross’s Flickr stream. See also Found photos / a collection of punched cards / a collection of fruit stickers assembled by designer Marie Boulanger / paintings by Daniel Shadbolt / paintings by Nia MacKeown / epic landscapes by Reza Afshar, Caspar David Friedrich updated / a new book by Kate Beaton, Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands / buy the Terrible Tilly lighthouse in Oregon / Open and Shut, a media coincidence chronicled by Futility Closet (via tmn) / Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music (via MeFi) / Eric Tabuchi’s Alphabet Truck (via Kottke) / sliding pins (no, we didn’t know what these were either) / paintings by Christopher Stott / a demonstration of planetary gravity / my god it’s full of stars / remembering the Russian gold rush / an old take down of Lynne Truss / fascinating tweets from Daniel Solis / paintings by Thomas MacGregor / Grains of Peace, music for Ukraine.

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Concrete evidence

Have you ever met Nicolas Cage? / still life photography by Nick Dunne / Sun 13, new writing about music and culture, e.g. ‘The Absurdity of Fandom: Slint’s Spiderland 30th anniversary’ / this is the best I know of [this thing] / the 10 strangest artefacts in Australian museums / Bored Panda gives us 15th century Flemish-style portraits recreated in the airplane lavatory / a list of notable fraudsters / excellent observation: All the F*cking Books You See at the Bookstore / The 15 most beautiful songs under 2 minutes / How Defamatory Is “Goblin Mode” to Real Goblins? / beautiful brutalism for sale in south-east France (via Wowhaus) / a profile of Candida Höfer / Like something from a Kubrick film – the hunt for Britain’s best modern buildings’, ahead of a new gazeteer by Owen Hatherley.

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This and that from here and there

More things to seek out / cut it all out with the Light Phone II / K-Pop HQ / The Journey of Loop’s Robert Hampson from Shoegaze to Avant-Garde and Back Again / sort of related, the most important guitar pedal of the last 20 years / a selection of podcast recommendations / Lovely Precise Watercolor Paintings of Hotel Rooms (at Kottke) / The Aero Wheel Edition: On Fashion Cycles, Conservation of Energy, and Wheel Design / a collection of automotive firsts / support the Midronome / we love the Aerial Photo Explorer (via BBC) / combine with Peter Marshall’s photostream for some London nostalgia / some artists: Sasha Mihajlovic / Gordon Harrison / Tim Benson / Christopher Le Brun / Charlotte Verity / Drive & Listen around the world / a collection of Fallacies / Fangio’s 300SL / pixel art at Room on the left _ / Paper Blogging, a blog (a blog!) about physical things. For example, the work of Eric Carle. The work of Ed Emberley / sort of related, how to draw a nose / Lost Objects: 50 Stories About the Things We Miss and Why They Matter.

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More necessary distractions

All over the place / a brief history of the digital watch / paintings by Hugo Grenville / buckle up for the story of Ellen’s Energy Adventure, brought to you by Exxon / Lo-fi drawing app / dismantling the dream: abandoned America / coastal erosion: then and now photographs in Sussex / an excellent post on the intricate work of illustrator Stephen Biesty / the miniature realms of Mozu World / at 40 and long defunct, Sonic Youth and the Business of Keeping a Dead Band Alive. The SY Bandcamp page is stuffed full of bootlegs / one of the last bastions of Brutalism-as-insult is now up for demolition / music by Human Hand / are NFTs really art? / portrait paintings by Romi Behrens / paintings by Juraj Florek / a guide to Lucid Dreaming / see also the Dreammachine / Plagiarism Today / You Can’t Take It With You, a tumblr (occasionally a bit nsfw) / Fetish Guitars, ‘the glory of Italian guitars from the 60s’ / prints by Matt Underwood.

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Much needed distractions

Rich landscapes by Rob Newton / paintings by Jonathan Hooper / enjoy the online delights of the Roland50 Studio, bringing together three icons of electronic music / see also the Wambox / Notes apps are where ideas go to die. And that’s good. In praise of the art of writing stuff down to get it out of the mind / why Netflix movies look so weird / glitch exploration. See also NoClip / music by RubberOh / the Soundheads fuzz pedal / closely related, a guest session by Robert Hampson at / beautiful drawings by Rain Szeto / what does the Epic acquisition mean for Bandcamp? No more insights into obscure long lost first albums, probably / restoring a 100 foot limo / a massive bundle for Ukraine, indie games and more at / a collection of classic Renaults for sale / music by Signal Source Unknown.

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