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Noise annoys

This and that, starting with the Mystery of Havana Syndrome / art by Doug Reina / twitter digressions on aviation by AeroDork / landscape paintings by Lucy Kent / 25 Wallpaper* artist covers / AIDS in the Art World: A … Continue reading

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Sky scrapings

‘The adidas ‘Future.Craft Strung’ designed by Kram/Weisshaar, a shoe-making robot that pioneers a 3D knitting technology enabling it to produce full shoe uppers on the spot.’ From Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street, coming soon at the Design Museum / 78s … Continue reading

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Mine craft

The Pennsylvania Mine Map Atlas / sort of related, Muir Way’s vintage relief series of maps (via This Isn’t Happiness) / music, Dear Humans, by Elephant Gym / Boat House By WE Architecture / The Glove, live on “Riverside”, October … Continue reading

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Click to play

Collecting Concrete, a taxonomy of mix and texture / ‘Portraits of the Quarantined Mind‘, lockdown portraits / paintings by Alex Dordoy / paintings by Ania Hobson; paintings by Jim Holland / ANT, a conceptual robotic cargo container system, a project … Continue reading

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Sounds, bracketed by despair

Our delusional obsession with splendid isolation / High Score, a video game sound generator (via Sonic State) / related, the Arcade Machine, one of several fun looking pedals from RPS Effects / sort of related, a collection of imaginary software … Continue reading

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Shaping sounds

The origins of the Netflix ‘sound’. Related, how Brian Eno composed the Windows 95 sound; the man behind the Intel ‘bongs’, the composer Walter Werzowa; the Contentious Tale of the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” Jingle; the THX ‘Deep Note’, composed … Continue reading

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Still watching the skies

a few publications: Document Journal (art, culture, photography, e.g. The secret drawings of Great Britain’s UFO Desk); White Hot Magazine (international art); Tape Op (the magazine of creative music recording) / How to cheat the bestseller list / widely seen, … Continue reading

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Planning ahead

Townscaper, building cities as a welcome distraction (via MeFi). See also the Medieval Fantasy City Generator / Queen Victoria’s private railway station at Nine Elms. Now firmly buried beneath the Gladwin Tower, just one of the area’s many, many claims … Continue reading

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A small chunk of playtime (day 8)

Bucharest Modernism, photographs by Bogdan Anghel (at FVF) / Announcing the launch of Wallpaper*’s DIY Poster Campaign / Waveform is a new free DAW / A collection of web browser toys / pedals from the Caroline Guitar Company / tales … Continue reading

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Space and light

The New American Home is a Condo; how much space do we need to live? / paintings by Chloe Wise / ten extraordinary effects pedals / classic cars as animals, art by Frederic Mueller, via hotvvheels / from 1993, a … Continue reading

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A big stack of filing cabinets

Relevant to our interests. Did blogs ruin the web? Or did the web ruin blogs? It’s all about chronology and archives. We’d argue that it’s less about the ability to search and sift through that archive (although that is of … Continue reading

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From up high

Shedley Manor, part of the grand rural tradition of hiding buildings. See also Robert Fidler’s Castle. It never ends well / paintings by Nicolás Uribe (instagram) / True Blue, a return to natural indigo / 3D map of Manhattan on … Continue reading

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Labour intensive

Without wishing to invoke Betteridge’s law of headlines, is Bitcoin a bubble? For an essential primer, John Lanchester’s LRB story on the currency last year is the gold standard. But for an even more alarmist headline, this time without a … Continue reading

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Here they all are

This is where we’ve been putting all the links. Incredible Doom, a web comic (via MeFi Projects). Recommended / another comic: A Fire Story / useless design features in modern products / J Mascis to sell lots of excess gear … Continue reading

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Link Review: Music and People

After last year’s epic link reviews – design, art and photography, architecture and collections and archives, we’ve been putting off running through the other sections of our sidebar. Here, at last, is the list of music sites. // Anti-Gravity Bunny, … Continue reading

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Peeks, pokes and beeps

Music: Amber Days; Radiolarium / life in Japan, rendered in 8-bit style / the Map of Alien Invaders, by Jason Thompson / Marble District, quarry photogaphs by Francesco Luciani / revisiting: tiny letters to the web we miss / 20 … Continue reading

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David Byrne’s ‘Guitar Pedals‘, Tokyo, 2010 (via Effect Pedal). More.

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Wowed and fluttering

Buoyed by the electro remake of the Twin Peaks soundtrack album, we present a small selection of of retro synth specialists: Full Eclipse / Rat Rios / The Deathless / Galaxy Knife / Robert Parker / Peturbator /

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“It only takes 25 years for flotsam to go around the world”

Triton is an SDK for developing realistic 3D ocean models / sort of related, a modern mystery: the story of the Tjipetir blocks, released from the sea after a sinking in 1917. An excuse to dive into the history of … Continue reading

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Unsorted ephemera

Big bundle of things to sift through / Adventures in Stationery is a book by James Ward, a man who claims to like boring things / flickr’s Stationery Junkies pool / a fine selection of found favourites at Proof, the … Continue reading

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