Dark matter

Tokyo 1955-1970 at MoMA (via C-Monster). An exhibition about the avant-garde in post-war Japan, revealing an avant-garde set at ideological odds with the country’s outward expression of calm and conformity. Having declared its post-war reconstruction over just 9 years after being subjected to two atomic bombs, Japan’s economic and technological performance in the 50s and 60s was remarkable, but also contained an undercurrent of uncertainty and upheaval caused by the presence of the US and the close proximity of the war on the Korean peninsula. Often dark and disturbing, the artwork on display reveals a little-known period in contemporary art history. Above, Haraguchi Noriyuki’s painting Tsumu 147, 1966.


Catch it quick: ‘Radio Eris is an algorithmically generated audio stream that will broadcast for 15 days from 23rd November 2012, and then shut down for good.’ Described as a ‘response to the burning of million pounds on the Island of Jura by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty on 23rd August 1994′ (an event which we remain fascinated by), the station has been set up to promote (?) the book KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money, by John Higgs. Few pop acts have taken the time and trouble to create a mystique even half as interesting as that of the KLF.


A beautiful model of Ford Timelord / art by Dr Lakra, showing at Kate Macgarry / The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, a comic about Victorian geniuses / secret codes in everyday life / a view from the ground of the flooding in south-west England / Aesthe/tech:Tonik, visual culture.

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  1. JE says:

    Just saw the MoMa show. Wide array of killer stuff.

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