The curious types

Hotel door hangers collected by my grandfather / Local Rules: The death (and re-birth) of retail, by Dan (CoS) Hill (longer version on his site) / Dear Photograph, ‘photographs of photographs in the place where they were photographed (via MeFi) / British Vogue covers 2001-2011, via MagCulture / make beats with Aviary / make tiny little homunculi to surprise and delight your friends.


Architecture de Collection, historic contemporary houses for sale / Find a Castaway. Find their music taste. Curse them / the decline of MySpace? / how to tune a guitar. Probably not the way you were taught / the TaperSection forums, everything you ever needed to know about recording / Total recall: why retromania is all the rage: ‘there is no doubt that pop music is the area where retromania really runs rampant.’


Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other Artists’ Enumerations from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art. There is some beautiful work here, all sadly and clumsily watermarked (with a $100 reproduction fee). The lists of the famous and creative are perversely elevated above the lists that most of us leave behind at the checkout (via The Art of List-Making, BBC News). The accompanying book is a natural fit for Princeton Architectural Press, a publisher for whom we have massive admiration. We have a draft post floating around about how PAP seems to be one of the most object-orientated art publishers, constantly releasing books that fetishise objects and collections and the act of putting things together to make something more than the originals on their own.

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  1. Mountain says:

    The ‘Bohemian Dinner’ list there put me in mind of Pedro Carolino’s ‘English As She Is Spoke’, though possibly a touch more coherent :)


    I’m partial to the list ‘Of the Woman’, and several of his day-to-day useful phrases…

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