3D Paris

Paris 3D is a new venture from Dassault Systemes, long time purveyors of all forms of simulation, including the Geovia ‘virtual planet’ software (used in the mining industry, and looking a little bit like Minecraft in the process) and flight simulation by their subsidiary Sogitec, a pioneer in French computer graphics. The model of Paris is historically accurate and adjustable and can be accessed via the web (with plug-in), offering a sort of enhanced Google Earth experience, complete with wandering peasant avatars and the clink of mallet on stone (note, check the commments for a correction to the above paragraph).


Related, Google’s new Timelapse feature combines Landsat imagery with the Google Earth Engine to provide a two decade overview of life on earth, be it the environs of Las Vegas – where suburbs explode and Lake Mead shrinks – or anywhere else on the planet. It makes for terrifying viewing. Metafilter, Time and Atlantic Cities have detailed posts with more examples.

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