Snagged eyes

We never really master the ‘little and often’ school of posting, hence the long, yawning gaps between updates on things. Current news is that the latest issue, now running a not insignificant seven years late, will shortly be at the printers. Meanwhile, on with the ephemera, the profusion of which (and its swift cataloguing and chronicling) is starting to reach epidemic proportions online. Imagery without context is like a museum without labels or an auction with a catalogue; the eye is constantly snagged and tugged but the brain is never allowed to engage and contextualise. It would be the work of a moment (or three) to fill each occasional things post with rich, lavish imagery, but why bother, when others do this so much more efficiently and elegantly? The content itself is endlessly recycled as well; the constant quest online is to be the progenitor of an image, the ur-location from where all others link.


Before and After, a Lautner house gets the Rudolph treatment / Winter Berlin, snowy scenes / the London Snorkelling Team, ‘play music they imagine may have happened some time in the 1950s, perhaps at a cocktail party for experimental scientists with a fascination for cartoons’. See also Berger and Wyse / Awful Library Books.


America follows Japan’s lead with geriatricbots: Viterbi School Research Dean to Study Ways to use Robots to Encourage People to be Active. See also the evergreen Primo Puel Doll, the Mitsubishi Wakamuru and the Panasonic RI-MAN / Register of Trademarks of the Cutlers’ Company, Sheffield. 1953 Edition, at Article Magazine / The Sesquipedalist on The Concrete Quarterly / Fashion and Features.


‘Dear other architects, Please stop entering design competitions. It’s sheer folly. Here’s why…. Competitions momentarily flatter you into thinking that you are designing, say, Oslo Opera House or a New Town outside Madrid but, in reality, you’re not. Until you get the commission it’s just pretend.’

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