The blurry, bleached-out pseudo-Polaroid-esque nature of the lead images on this story about aimless 20-somethings is a visual TLDR for the entire piece (via), an example of the self-conscious aesthetic nostalgia that has created a circular mythos of a ‘golden era’, endlessly perpetuated in online imagery and ultimately serving as a means of disengaging from the present / thanks for this link on the selectbutton forums, via which we also get two tumblrs (a key delivery mechanism for the circular mythos), kssk and UUIUU.


What’s next for BBC Genome? In September we will begin the full-scale project of digitising over 80 years’ worth of broadcast records. That’s approximately 400,000 pages of Radio Times, 3 million programmes and 300 million words to recognise through OCR.’ / ’60 percent of the world’s copied artworks come from Dafen, a village in South China‘ (via anArchitecture). Reminded us of a project we wanted to do but never got around to; send a photograph to a Dafen artist to get a painted version, then re-send the painted version to another artist to get a copy, and so on, and so on. It would be interesting to see how ‘degraded’ the imagery becomes, or if such copying is, effectively, lossless.


He Seems Nice, architecture, art, design and (mostly) men’s fashion / things organised neatly, a tumblr / ephemera scanning at So much pile up / l’autre bande dessinee and Matou en Peluche, two French weblogs on illustration and comics / Michael Wolf’s Streetview project takes Manhattan / Brass Eye-inspiredsafe cuddling baby suit‘? Via Dezeen / the South London Press pool / enter Reddit Answers, slightly more focused than Ask Reddit / Minton pottery marks / Hatch: the Design Public blog / shortlived things: the New Brighton Tower / Google Slope View / we need to educate British homebuyers about floor areas.

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  1. Larry says:

    Great post. Anyone else miss the Polaroids??


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