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Rip it up and start again

Paintings by Mark Dunford / paintings by Sarah Spackman / Plastic Ocean, sculptures by Thirza Schaap (via Guardian) / sort of related, Why a Russian charity wants you to buy trash from Lake Baikal / Rowan Atkinson’s Richard Meier-designed house … Continue reading

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Arty diversions

Some new paper sculptures by artist David Umemoto / David Bowie to Camille Walala: a history of Montreux Jazz Festival posters / Max Lamb redesigns 1960s church interiors / Your teen’s being sarcastic? It’s a sign of intelligence / paintings … Continue reading

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Grand unifying theories

Not Loving The Eccentric Use of Caps, but this is a fun thought experiment: New York, Block for Block (via MeFi), or how to weaponise PR-chitecture and show it for the empty-headed uptopianism it so often is / sort of … Continue reading

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I walked right out of the machinery

The marvellous The Mario Rivoli Lifetime Collection of Bakelite / a couple of MeFi things: Favorite Maps of 2021; remastered Thingu / create an Endless Acid Banger in a browser (via Synthanatomy) / try recreating Manuel Göttsching’s amazing E2-E4, from … Continue reading

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The sound(s) of confusion

Electronicos Fantasticos, which ‘reincarnate[s] old electronics to elektromagnetik native instruments and create the orchestra’. E.g. Barcode Boarding / Axel Hartmann designs synthesizers / a Kubrick-esque collection of Onlooker Postcards, at SwellMap’s fantastic Flickr page (via Meanwhile) / Watergate Living, old … Continue reading

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Big spenders

The Loumavox (previously mentioned) turns out to be one of those elaborate Piltdown technology projects / IanVisits tracks changes to the London Tube Map / Rowan Moore on the objects that bring him joy / 43 forthcoming games, lots of … Continue reading

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Dubious entertainments

Some slightly silly things that exist only in virtual plans; Floating Motors, boats that look like classic cars. Cryptoland, an elaborate parody? / instrumentals by Legos / a set of successfully crowdfunded product designs from 2021 / 52 things learned … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2022

Why do we hate newer music the older we get? / Music, Makers and Machines, a Google Arts and Culture project for fans of early music technology / Golden Hymns Sing ‘Hurrah’, post rock from New York / Lebenswelt, gloomy … Continue reading

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