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Dream worlds

Hidden patterns in tropical fruit / underground test / The Sun In Ultra-HD / art by Russell Moreton / the Frinton Park Estate Mini Guide / 25 years on from Adam and Joe / technology is beautiful: Docubyte (via Synth … Continue reading

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Missed opportunities

Amectran Exar-1, 1979, at Concept Bunny. The Amectran (‘AMerican ECological TRANsportation’) was ahead of its time, styled by Pietro Frua and has almost as many conspiracy theories as GM’s EV-1 / two books to support: To Have and To Hold: … Continue reading

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Going behind your back

Carter and Goldfinger explain the County of London Plan, at A London Inheritance from 1945 / illustrations by Vorja Sánchez / art and installations by Antti Laitinen / Arquitectura libre, a project that ‘focuses primarily on the architecture of remittances; … Continue reading

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Moving on up

Dadrock posturing special: Screamadelica Stratocaster / carvings by Zoe Wilson / an accumulation of things / Architecture // Architects as jazz album covers, by Eugene Schlumberger / exploring a semi-abandoned Chinese city / a pair of dream woodland houses: Cadbury … Continue reading

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Music and more

‘Dune: we simulated the desert planet of Arrakis to see if humans could survive there’ / Nick Cave talks with Mick Harvey and Warren Ellis about Bad Seeds’ B-sides and more / 35 interesting maps / happy birthday Loveless. Lots … Continue reading

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Sound reasoning

The new issue of Paperboy Magazine is out now / The Library of Misremembered Books / a full copy of Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation from 2006 / Pavel builds Kalimbas / Studio Drift’s Materialism, reverse engineeringthe … Continue reading

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