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Brmmm, brmmm

A selection of things / aerial photography by Klaus Leidorf / photography by Matthieu Salvaing / a Russian pet cemetery / Debbie Harry on The Muppets (via Kottke) / architectural photography by Mårten Lange / art by Katie Trick / … Continue reading

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Slow week

It’s been a slow week. Enjoy Nick Cave’s egg cup / Ian’s revolutionary shoelace knot / the sounds of Heretical Sect / the What makes this song great? series / Keep your distance, pandemic photographs by Matthew Chattle (via BBC … Continue reading

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A collection of things from here and there / a collection of the best fashion podcasts / best humour podcasts / buy Cave Things (via Vogue) / Aphantasia: The People Without a Mind’s Eye, a film by Wired UK / … Continue reading

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Tricky second issue

This and that. Issue 02 of The Modern House Magazine is available / drawings and paintings by Jake Grewal / taxidermy-inspired art by Polly Morgan / prints by Cicely Englefield. See also / the Wood Society of the Arts / … Continue reading

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Quirky follies and spooky geology

The Obelisk aka Conolly’s Folly, which still exists / Wendy Carlos demonstrates her Moog Synthesizer in 1970. A pretty comprehensive explanation of synthesis for the layperson / beautiful ceramic urns by artist John Booth / ambient soundscapes and new electronica … Continue reading

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Since we’ve been gone

Musician Nils Frahm calls out artists for selling NFTs: “It’s unforgivable to participate in something which is so bleak and wrong” / related, NFTs Weren’t Supposed to End Like This / If Y2K-Era Movie Theater Carpets Could Talk: ‘Like cartoon … Continue reading

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