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A number of things

Muma, jazzy rock with Kurdish/Turkish roots / by the end of summer, indie pop from Japan / instrumental guitar music by u_iru, also from Japan / 23 bed detached house for sale / imagining electric cars in their 1960s iterations … Continue reading

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Round and round

The theory and form of classic drum patterns / the OP-1 Tombola sequencer / the Circle Guitar mechanical step sequencer / play with whale song / play the Jazz Keys / Bidoun, an arts magazine about the Middle East / … Continue reading

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Sunday (socially distanced) strolling

The Museum of Curiosities in London / beautiful music by Train Conductor / a collection of pedalboards (a ‘tangle’ of pedalboards? A ‘hum’ of pedalboards?) / saving Coventry, which doesn’t know what it’s got / remodelling a 1970s council house … Continue reading

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I can see for miles and miles and miles

Insane technotopianism update. The Line, ‘a revolution in urban living’ (via MeFi) that feels like a bait car for angry urban designers. Visionary ideas have always existed and always will, and while some are obviously trolling, others have felt like … Continue reading

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Spirited away

Exploring the ruins of Laverstoke Mill before it was given a radical makeover by Heatherwick Studio and transformed into the Bombay Sapphire Distillery / drifting soundscapes by Vapor Lanes / Field Recordings of Yellowstone National Park / Tokyo Ambient Center, … Continue reading

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Oh my, oh my, there’s a light in the sky

You Only Live Twice, par le Cadeau De Mariage / the terrifying Isdera Autobahnkurier 116i. The sort of car that has been trumped in the modern era by the likes of Dartz, which may or may not be an elaborate … Continue reading

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Blurry Sounds

London’s population is shrinking (the population history of London) / the people whose homes are portals to the past / Dublin Goth New Wave Movement from 1989 / Non-children’s songs with child vocals, a list of suggestions / enjoy double … Continue reading

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Be kind, rewind

Happy Maps don’t have much of a role to play right now, but this project from Good City Life looks to create an ‘alternative cartography of a city weighted for human emotions’. Watch that space / Ranaldo-esque music by Rouse … Continue reading

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Twist and turn

Burning the furniture: my life as a consumer, ‘some thoughts on buying a house, white privilege and homewares for the apocalypse’ / a textbook example of Betteridge’s Law of Headlines: Can onboard rollercoasters save the cruise industry? / from the … Continue reading

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Hidden Streets

A little dose of twitter wisdom: ‘I sometimes wonder whether the fact that the two richest men on earth are running distribution and cars, might go some way to explaining why our cities are not working too well at a … Continue reading

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Unnecessary objects

Design and comics at Vitra Design Museum / art by Charles Avery / Cats on Synthesizers in Space / support the return of Grafik / Welcome to the Dark Ages, a film about the (recently returned) KLF / the TV … Continue reading

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Sketchy behaviour

The Bad Drawing Club by Millie Nice / Soundsphere magazine / the Teen guide to homemaking / huge Studio Ghibli image dump / Willard Wigan, micro sculptor / collections, collections, collections / “‘If the aliens lay eggs, how does that … Continue reading

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Words and pictures, good and bad

Sound and vision / guitar music by Cancel the Summer; electronic music by Defender Waves; soundscapes by In Die Ferne; The Mind-Benders, a ‘documentary made by the FDA in 1970 about LSD and the hallucinogens,’ with a new soundtrack composed … Continue reading

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Tear down

Mourning the loss of Brutalist architecture in the North of England. Photographer Simon Phipps has beautiful images / sort of related, Vincent Fournier’s latest book, Brasília: A Time Capsule / see also, Louis Kahn dormitory buildings in Ahmedabad saved / … Continue reading

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Renders versus Tractors

A discussion on the art of the dolls house, including links to contemporary practitioners like Chris Toledo and the Shelter in Place Gallery / Papertowns is a subreddit devoted to birds-eye views of cities, old and new / Quirk and … Continue reading

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Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira Rolt makes miniature synthesizers / My Life is Pointless, art by Joan Cornella / the official guide to Camberwell, 1950s / Adobe Flash rides off into the sunset / epic post-rock from Sidus / Clunk Magazine, a … Continue reading

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Open the bunker doors, Hal

Underground, Part 1, a short piece of architectural fiction from McMansion Hell. Dark Realtor Fanfic / related, the ubiquity of the architecture of gentrification / a short film from a few years back on the new architecture of Fogo Island … Continue reading

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