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The Colour out of Space

John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”, animated by artist Michal Levy who has synesthesia. At Aeon, via tmn, who also point us to Ghost Stories of Tripadvisor, ‘a dreadful directory of hotel hauntings’ / retro news: the Super Mario Game & Watch; … Continue reading

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On the spectral plane

How we made Ghostwatch. The show itself is all up there on YouTube, in bits and chunks, but searching for this kind of thing sends the site’s hyperbolist and tabloid-minded algorithm into absolute overdrive, so venture in at your own … Continue reading

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Mine craft

The Pennsylvania Mine Map Atlas / sort of related, Muir Way’s vintage relief series of maps (via This Isn’t Happiness) / music, Dear Humans, by Elephant Gym / Boat House By WE Architecture / The Glove, live on “Riverside”, October … Continue reading

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Keep on running

The Edit – Adjaye Associates. Photographer Ed Reeve on his 25 year collaboration with the 2021 RIBA Gold Medal winner, Sir David Adjaye / Japanese artist Kitao Masayoshi (1764-1824), thanks to WeirdLandTV for the pointer / time to give up … Continue reading

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All over the place, part 72

Designs of the year, at London’s Design Museum / a Hawkwind reappraisal, of sorts. Extensive information available at the Prog Archives / sort of related, join a global flock of ‘Electric Sheep‘ / Angels and Errors: How the Harrow & … Continue reading

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Glass cases, stones

The world’s greatest unsung museums / webcam fun (not that kind): do I look weird? adds a time delay so you can see what you look like in the immediate past; How normal am I?

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Random musings

Teardown, looks fun / the ultimate empty office / Statistical “Which Character” Personality Quiz / exotic barn finds at Motorious / images from London’s punk era / paintings by Tom Walton / art by Eric Mack / Geometrize your images … Continue reading

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Decades of perspectives

Truly random things today. To start with, some collected useful advice: Dear Joan and Jericha – Why He Turns Away: Do’s and Don’ts, from dating to Death / Dischord Records, the entire back catalogue available to stream at Bandcamp / … Continue reading

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Canals Vs Cars

AArno 1st: back to childhood. Pitch perfect car models / pixels fighting / This is how much top 7 music streaming services really pay artists / We All Want Someone to Shout For, a music blog / Suited Magazine, art … Continue reading

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Click to play

Collecting Concrete, a taxonomy of mix and texture / ‘Portraits of the Quarantined Mind‘, lockdown portraits / paintings by Alex Dordoy / paintings by Ania Hobson; paintings by Jim Holland / ANT, a conceptual robotic cargo container system, a project … Continue reading

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Hit the buttons

The pandemic is pushing marginal technologies into the mainstream: How vending machines could play an important role in the ex-urban economy. Aside from the listicle-friendly culture of vending machines in Japan, vending machines have long been a low-key mainstay of … Continue reading

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Under the hill

Everyone is far too busy these days turning over stones instead of looking to looking to the skies. The Phenomenon would rather keep the conspiracies up in the air. We’ve linked to our esoteric library, but some mysterious spirit has … Continue reading

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Tape loops

Designing and building a cabin in Finland (via Behance, with photography by Archmospheres / Abandoned Isle of Wight, a series of films / “Secret 7” takes 7 tracks from 7 musicians and presses each one 100 times to 7” vinyl. … Continue reading

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1000 songs in your pocket

‘The ostensibly frictionless nature of online listening has other hidden or overlooked costs.’ In many respects, streaming music is bad for the planet, says Alex Ross / Apollo 13 Technical Air-To-Ground Voice Transcription (large pdf) / make your own Mini … Continue reading

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Variables and Constants

Following on from last week’s London Old and New link, 20 ‘Then And Now’ Pics That Show How Time Changes Things / Throwback on a Comeback: The Last Cassette Tape Factory. Time for a visit to the Walkman Archive (e.g. … Continue reading

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The contours of sound

Two great things come together, the cartographic stylings of Herb Lester and the ravings of Scarfolk Council; the guide to Scarfolk & Environs, a Road & Leisure Map for Uninvited Tourists / a walking guide to the modern houses of … Continue reading

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It’s all done with mirrors

The Louis I. Kahn Facsimile Project evokes the architect’s fascination with layers and crevasses and depth. The same could be said for the Dujiangyan Zhongshuge Bookstore in Chengdu by X+Living. Both links evoke Umberto Eco’s mighty library, the intellectual heart … Continue reading

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Leaving no trace

Drawing Fields, a GPS generated installation by Outpost Office in response to the Ragdale Ring competition / ‘This Brutal World: Public opinion has softened its views on Brutalism. That isn’t enough to stay the wrecking ball.’ Kate Wagner, of the … Continue reading

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