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Cult heroes

Critics regret getting it wrong. The web is awash with ‘one star reviews of the classics‘, and it’s a natural human tendency (at least for this human) to scroll down to find the lowest critical metacritic score on any given … Continue reading

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Highs and lows

The end of the Elephant. View the classic Bert Hardy image, pre-shopping centre, and a few other historical images of the area. See also Heygate was Home / see also Pandemic as driver of urban evolution / sexism in the … Continue reading

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Mapping the territories

How work became an inescapable hellhole versus For His Home Office, This Guy Built a Replica of a 1980 Via Rail Train Interior in His Basement / give over to the machine: AI planners in Minecraft could help machines design … Continue reading

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The lies of the land

Archives and imaginings. ‘Search 1.56 million historic newspaper photos using Newspaper Navigator (via MeFi) / Shelf Life has been on hiatus for many years, but it is still filled with gems, beautiful scans and fascinating things / Toes in a … Continue reading

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Reading the maps

The Figurine in Diorama (pdf), by Jasmine Vorley / AIIID, Russian electro pop / beautiful custom camper vans at Bespoke Creations and Birdbox Design / I Made This For You is a moving film about suicide prevention. It has a … Continue reading

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Where there’s smoke

A few random links, starting with some paintings by Hiroshi Sato / contemporary design magazine recommendations / the Paint by Numbers Museum / sort of related, BBC Horizon on computer graphics, 1981 / more old footage at Uncommon Ephemera, a … Continue reading

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“And the whip-poor-wills they make a din”

This new book, launched ahead of Open House London 2020, The Alternative Guide to the London Boroughs, is a very welcome addition to the chronicle’s of the unseen capital. Highly recommended / How taste gets made: Anne Helen Petersen on … Continue reading

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Sounds, bracketed by despair

Our delusional obsession with splendid isolation / High Score, a video game sound generator (via Sonic State) / related, the Arcade Machine, one of several fun looking pedals from RPS Effects / sort of related, a collection of imaginary software … Continue reading

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Car fires, photographs by Michael Danner / Skeletons in the closet, behind the scenes at the museum, photographs by Klaus Pichler / Amazon’s murky world of one-star reviews / illustrations and graphics by Sharon Park (via OMGLORD) / The Modern … Continue reading

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Hard work

What Is (and Isn’t) Emotional Labour / what’s the worst piece of packaging to recycle? A Pringles tube / Listen to the Clouds, airport chatter mixed with an ambient playlist (via b3ta) / a review of Stealing from the Saracens … Continue reading

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The Electric Art Collective / the Next Issue of the timeless ZX Spectrum / the Winamp skins museum / Scott’s Dream – Music From A Reimagined Digital Electronium / browse through some Old Book Illustrations / the Barbican in crosss … Continue reading

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Maps and Music

Maps. Sounds of the Forest from around the world (via Kottke, via Moss and Fog) / see also the Nature Sound Map / contrast with Sounds of New York City (SONYC) / the London Sound Survey is a rich archive, … Continue reading

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Passing trade

The butcher’s shop that lasted 300 years (give or take), a beautiful piece by Tom Lamont about the last vestiges of the ‘traditional’ high street, and how easy it is for them to fall away. Includes this astute sentence: “As … Continue reading

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