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Ups and downs

The City of the Future versus The Mountain of the Future. We fear that the latter might be a more common direction in the future / AskMe offers up a selection of contemporary small presses / some guitary things. James’ … Continue reading

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How random can you get…

The Historic Stainless Steel Trifecta, the return of the stainless steel Fords. Delorean eat your heart out / Photos of Huawei’s European-Themed Campus in China / castles you can buy, you know, just in case / a house within a … Continue reading

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Shallow pools, deep dives

10 Years of Forensic Architecture, exploring the minutiae at the intersection of space and polities / the Atlas of Urban Expansion / cooking with Blixa, Einssturzende Neubaten’s front man on noise and food (via The Guardian) / the story of … Continue reading

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Hunkering down

Bunker: Building for the End Times is a forthcoming book by Bradley Garrett. ‘Today, the bunker has become the extreme expression of our greatest fears: from pandemics to climate change and nuclear war. And once you look, it doesn’t take … Continue reading

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The boys and girls in the bubble

How the band and its team created and curated the Radiohead Public Library, an impressive piece of digital archaeology / closely related, how private equity drained the record industry / this word does not exist / these creatures do not … Continue reading

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No sessions for you two

An impressive collection of John Peel Sessions on YouTube, collated by Formerly Known as the Bollocks, which serves as an aggregator for music info and links / related, Peel as gatekeeper / an abandoned American urban exploration website / 1st … Continue reading

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Torcere a bordo piscina

A new platform for performance: is the future of entertainment in video gaming? Sort of related, It’s Cool to Look Terrifying on Pandemic Instagram. Filters go mainstream / Artifacts from the archive, 175 years of the Scientific American / personal … Continue reading

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What goes up…

‘Athens hotel ordered to demolish top floors blocking Acropolis view’. The image confusingly shows Tschumi’s Acropolis Museum, presumably seen from the terrace of the Cocomat Hotel, seen here in images by Pygmalion Karatzsas and designed by Elastic Architects. Not something … Continue reading

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The big empty (day something or other)

17 Artists Capture a Surreal New York From Their Windows illustrations by Charlotte Ager / the Bugatti factory that barely was / the great is becoming part of New York Magazine / the stats of the Scarborough Grand Hotel … Continue reading

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Frames per second

But how are you feeling? diamond geezer presents a cube of Coronavirus complications / DC Punk, for free, Dischord discography to stream (via boing boing) / upgraded to 60fps, ‘the oldest recorded film’, the ‘Roundhay Garden Scene‘, Leeds, 1888, taken … Continue reading

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Forbidden landscapes

Autobahn Zwei, ‘a two hour Post-Apocalyptic Driving Music homage to Kraftwerk by genius synthesist Novo Line‘ / Computer Games set in London, goes a tiny further than the 2016 exhibition at the Museum of London, but the takeaway is still … Continue reading

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Neural Milk Hotel, etc.

‘Jukebox, a neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles.’ Best explored through this Waxy post, OpenAI’s Jukebox Opens the Pandora’s Box of AI-Generated Music (via (Kottke): ‘The Jukebox … Continue reading

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Changing ways

The great British art quiz / Artbreeder, ‘simply keep selecting the most interesting image to discover totally new images. Infinitely new random ‘children’ are made from each image.’ / music by Spectral Gates / music by Conifold / The Sand … Continue reading

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