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What lies beneath

Landscapes of chemical and biological warfare, a project by photographer Dara McGrath entitled ‘Project Cleansweep: Beyond the Post Military Landscape of the United Kingdom’. Project Cleansweep was launched by the Ministry of Defence in 2007 to investigate ’14 former chemical … Continue reading

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For Connoisseurs Of Everything

Daniel Gray’s excellent Meanwhile newsletter now has an archive. File alongside Kottke’s twitter and Coudal as a regular source of inspiration. Related, the current iteration of Kottke is 15 today / comparing Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite and Jacques Tati’s Mon Oncle … Continue reading

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Letters of note

This Chinese Factory Makes $100,000 Architectural Models / see also the models of Made by Mistake printing money, visualising spending / here’s where some of that money went: an underground missile complex on 14.73 acres of land, yours for $495,000 … Continue reading

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Artistic endeavours

This and that. Art by Joël Penkman. There’s also a movie, courtesy of the Handsome Frank agency, which makes short films about its illustrators and artists / also using egg tempera, the exacting interiors of Andrew Grassie / Soviet Space … Continue reading

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Sleeping giants

Otto’s Greenhouse at Architectural After-life. Yes, it’s ruin porn, but at least there’s a decent dose of history in there too / what will the ruins look like after Donald Trump’s War on Architecture? There were some German guys who … Continue reading

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No great surprises

Why do so many bad drivers have luxury cars? A new study blames ‘disagreeable’ men: ‘A new study out of Finland has found that argumentative and egotistical men are particularly likely to drive cars like Mercedes, Audis or BMWs, and … Continue reading

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