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Tragic Roundabouts

How Wes Anderson Became an Accidental Icon of Interior Design (via K). The ‘accidental’ tag is becoming less and less credible / very Wes? The Tower at Christmas Common / bouncy: Elastic Terrain (via MeFi) / what is the collective … Continue reading

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Massive swings

On World Ships and 1000 year space missions. See also Aniara / Can you make the band name bigger?, the gig posters of Luke Drozd, who also does the covers (and music?) for the unsettling (in a good way) spooky … Continue reading

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Gem fields

Buried Treasure, a new site dedicated to undercovering hidden gems of indie gaming / angular music by A Formal Horse / GM Supposedly Destroyed (Nearly) Every EV1 Ever Made—So Why Is One in an Atlanta Parking Garage? / related, Who … Continue reading

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Risk-averse delivery

Street View Journey, a selection of paintings by Nao Tatsumi / don’t get trapped in a sneaky hate spiral / lots of gems at this History of Science and Technology sale at Bonham’s / Words for Music, a music blog … Continue reading

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