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Top and tail

Current Affairs writes about Mansion, ‘the Friday Wall Street Journal supplement reviewing the wild extravagance of the hideously rich’ / compare and contrast with Courier, which ‘reports on modern business and startup culture’ / nominate London’s worst public sculpture. We’ll … Continue reading

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Second lives

Appropriate for the season, some creepy latex art by Sarah Sitkin, probably nsfw / lavish praise for Zumthor’s Secular Retreat, countered by excoriating vitriol in the comments / something altogether more wholesome? the Dennis Severs House at Christmas. Recommended (official … Continue reading

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Falling down

The cathedral drawing series of the late Dennis Creffield / the Apollo of Gaza, lost, found, confiscated and now lost again? / PEOPLE + CULTURE = TECHNOLOGY, a tumblr stuffed with things (thanks to Ankkit) / photography by Bethany Crutchfield … Continue reading

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A Zig-Zagging Croatian Villa That Blends Into The Hillside, by Proarh Architects (at Ignant) / abstract art by John Taylor / we are building a new definition of authenticity for future generations to navigate: Actors are digitally preserving themselves to … Continue reading

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The noise was impressive

“Kennedy Ground. For the last time. Speedbird Concorde 2 London Heathrow“, a beautifully researched post on the legacy of the Concorde. Always a good opportunity to pull out these grainy images of the final three aircraft coming into Heathrow, 15 … Continue reading

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Outsider art

Old, and possibly superseded, but a list of the top ten most offensively decadent homes in the world is good old-fashioned click-bait. Go straight to McMansion Hell for a palate cleanser / other things. Art by Kim Roselier / pronunciation … Continue reading

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On our obsession with model villages, an extract from Simon Garfield’s In Miniature: How Small Things Illuminate the World. A journey that takes you from the Floridian ruins of Splendid China to Jimmy Cauty’s The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (more), miniature … Continue reading

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Rip it up and start again

The Archivists of Extinction, ‘Architectural history in an era of capitalist ruin’. Or how architectural preservation is a luxury in a fast moving capitalist society (via MeFi). From the piece, the US has less than 2,600 buildings designated as National … Continue reading

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‘… classically, the protruding aerofoil should be set on fire’

iiii magazine is a new online publication about arts and culture. Recommended / Another World, a brand magazine from Another Country, a furniture company that has caught the new authenticity zeitgeist and translated it into an all-encompassing bokeh-friendly lifestyle presentation … Continue reading

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By Toutatis!

Farewell Anthea Bell, the extremely skilled translator of Goscinny and Uderzo’s Asterix books, as well as the English versions of late W.G. Sebald. See also this list of Asterix characters and their international name equivalents and Asterix in translation: the … Continue reading

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Better living through technology?

Try getting music lessons to stick after this drops: Google Magenta / Let’s Learn about Waveforms / ‘Tariff engineering’: Ford has saved £190m over 16 years by exporting ‘cars’ to the US and then turning them into vans once they’ve … Continue reading

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Mostly houses

A personal history of the Ouija Board. More info on the boards / Among the Ruins of Mexico Beach Stands One House, Built ‘for the Big One’ / the artist Tom Sachs does instagram well / The Dream, a recommended … Continue reading

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All over the place, as usual

Japanese Wave Design sourcebooks, via My Modern Met / Biblioklept, a website about books / The True Size Of… make geographic comparisons / an interview with Joe Dante / truth or fake? Questions around a $450m Leonardo / California Modernism … Continue reading

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Archives and more

Lithium mining in Chile, photography by Catherine Hyland / creased paper interiors by Simon Schubert / animated geometric gifs at Bees and Bombs / spooky ceramics by Jessica Harrison / a collection of Control Panels (via Kottke) / pages and … Continue reading

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Sound and image

A varied collection of things. Humboldt’s Illustrating Nature, a richly illustrated book about the travels of Alexander von Humbolt in the early 19th century / Do Not Forget Me, film studios in Kolkota photographed by Nandita Raman / Conserve the … Continue reading

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