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Enduring problems

Random things and thoughts, forgive crashing changes in tone / starting with a fine piece about Eileen Gray’s E.1027 house in Menton. Some more and necessary information about Gray’s life and work: “”E” for “Eileen”, 10 for the letter “J”, … Continue reading

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Cutting through

Friday randomness to follow. The Rise and Fall of the Supercut, which the article puts down partly to waning attention spans and our grudging acknowledgement and acceptance of trope and cliche, without needing it artfully presented. Kottke was always good … Continue reading

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To boldly go

Venturing into places that weren’t designed for people: airport walking by Ian Rose (via tmn). See also the walks of Will Self, in London and NY (‘A Literary Visitor Strolls in From the Airport‘). Related, the books of Stephen Gill … Continue reading

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Click and collect

At the Flip of a Switch, the light switch in culture / Amazon has patented a system that would put workers in a cage, on top of a robot, at The New Aesthetic / still excited about the Teenage Engineering … Continue reading

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Talking to dogs

This and that from all around / how to make a racing car game from (mostly) cardboard / what’s the best way physical way to preserve digital files for 50 years? / an interview about Off the Map and Beyond … Continue reading

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Art and Music round-up

Illustrations by Wenjia Tang, especially Alphabet Zoo / Sightings, an illustration project by Juan Osorno (Instagram). See also the project Necessary Failures / Signalnoise, illustration by James White (via whizual) / illustrations by Vendi Vernic / illustration by Makoto Funatsu … Continue reading

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