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The view from here

A trip to East Croydon, via Bern (Part Two), a journey to explore housing prototypes at Modernist Estates / a new genre of documentary films are using the almost infinite repository of YouTube films to craft stories with a strong … Continue reading

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Sparks of joy

The evolution of water rendering in video games, via Gamasutra, via MeFi, a video in Digital Foundry’s impressive retro series / sort of related, how modern cars might have looked had they been designed in the past / the Globe-Union … Continue reading

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Peckham Heroes, four short films about making a living in modern Peckham / Colouring in Culture, a blog by Stephen Pritchard on ‘art, activism and politics in the place where we live’. Best read in conjunction with Development Aesthetics / … Continue reading

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One after the other

Some great animations of China’s mega machines, including the SLJ900 bridge building machine / Club Palace, a geometric wonderland at Nowness / Print! Tearing It Up, an exhibition about contemporary print design at Somerset House / Government admits rabies poster … Continue reading

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Breaking out

Birmingham then and now / Parabold, photographs by Stefan Bleihauer / Destination Modernism / video game art styles continue to impress: Sable (via the newly refreshed RPS) / sort of related, what happened next to No Man’s Sky / Film … Continue reading

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Ashes to ashes

The Decline of Snapchat and the Secret Joy of Internet Ghost Towns (via Laura Olin’s List). Related, the Last Days of Club Penguin and Exploring The Digital Ruins Of ‘Second Life’ / there are 487 electric car manufacturers in China … Continue reading

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On other worlds

On the FT’s infamous How to Spend It: “Compared with the truly fashionable, who are often less well-off, and have acquired their edge by having to choose between products,” says a prominent British writer on class and style, “seriously rich … Continue reading

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States of mind

Community Plumbing, ‘How the hardware store orders things, neighborhoods, and material worlds’ / Some reflections on my roadtrip across the western United States / The Disco Files: 1973-78, New York’s Underground Week by Week By Vince Aletti. See also Antonio … Continue reading

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Around the world

A small collection of random things. Hidden landscapes revealed by the UK’s heatwave / in search of Eton’s ‘General Total Failures’, a story about the ultra harsh ranking system of the British establishment’s favourite school / High-wire: a vertiginous ride … Continue reading

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First Class, all the way

The MGM Grand Air Service was a high rollin’, first class only plane ride between LAX and New York, founded by the late Kirk Kerkorian and as abjectly 90s glamour as you can possibly imagine. Inside the 727 / back … Continue reading

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Crosstown traffic

Swinging Hatchetts, the story of a pioneering London Night Club from 1968-1978 / Thurston Moore on Madonna’s no-wave past / found photo mystery, up for grabs. We have one of our own as well / Dale Kelley collects pulp art … Continue reading

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Different stripes

The battle continues: Freelance Wars. See also the great Madmen Integrated tumblr / a tumblr collection of video game backgrounds / Silicon Cities by photographer Heiko Hellwig / a collection of concrete in the former Yugoslavia / a photobook about … Continue reading

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Full of stars

Outer space vs inner space. NASA images by Thomas Struth at the Galerie Max Hetzler in Berlin (via Anne Bernecker) / The meaning of the ending of 2001 according to Stanley Kubrick at Kottke. One for the Coudal Kubrick Archives … Continue reading

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I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

The Statue of Liberty shown on American stamps is the replica in Las Vegas (via The New Aesthetic) / Swimming Pools / graphic design by Kelemen Richard (blog) / design by Henrik Nygren / Opus Analogico, a list of analogies, … Continue reading

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A big stack of filing cabinets

Relevant to our interests. Did blogs ruin the web? Or did the web ruin blogs? It’s all about chronology and archives. We’d argue that it’s less about the ability to search and sift through that archive (although that is of … Continue reading

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Map of the heart

Aliens may not exist – but that’s good news for our survival / Giving Compact Discs Another Spin. Every format has its nostalgists / The presence of the brown bear Ursus arctos in Holocene Britain: a review of the evidence … Continue reading

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Mapping the past and the present

A new generation of Apple Maps is on the way. See also this 2016 comparison between Google Maps and Apple Maps by Justin O’Beirne, who followed up with a year of Google and Apple Maps in 2017 and an even … Continue reading

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