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Building a grudge

Who will buy your book? ‘You can depend on the enthusiasm of family and/or friends only briefly — your first few shows or whatever. After that, you’re on your own. Or more to the point — it’s the enthusiasm of … Continue reading

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Vision things

A set of urban illustrations by James Gilleard / World Airports Voronoi diagram, Jason Davies (via K) / 1971: Tomorrow’s World: Cassette Navigation / Lunar Lander House / The Cities That Never Existed: ‘What if the urban visions of famous … Continue reading

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The city’s spiky skyline

24 Hour London, a time-lapsed hi-res panorama of the city / a collection of Serpentine Pavilions / Knobs is a Youtube channel dedicated to way out effects / some analogue media finding its way back into the world of the … Continue reading

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The grand schemes of the past are always fascinating, such as the abandoned plans for the city-scourging Ringway South Cross Route / a rusty Lake Geneva hideaway / the modern (digitally-enhanced) art of the single-take blockbuster shot / building climbing … Continue reading

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“…in a long tube with a bunch of demons”

A selection stuff you probably (hopefully) don’t need. Luxury doomsday bunkers, from the likes of Survival Condo / the problem with buying cheap stuff on the internet / the ultimate upgrade. Roberts Space Industries, makers of Star Citizen, now apparently … Continue reading

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