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Watching the skies with jaded eyes

Kottke made the point a couple of days ago that the USAF’s recent casual announcement about its now-defunct UFO division – and the release of a couple of blurry but presumably far more authentic films than have ever been seen … Continue reading

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Be kind, rewind

Make interesting books happen. The World Through the Eyes of Alexander von Humboldt, ‘beautiful illustrations from the greatest scientific traveller who ever lived’. A Kickstarter / Cain’s Jawbone – A Novel Problem at Unbound (via Tom Gauld), a reprint of … Continue reading

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Off world

Compare and contrast: the globes of Emmy Ingeborg Brun, ‘a Danish Mars enthusiast who made a small number of globes… Her inscriptions suggest that she viewed Mars as a potential model for Christian socialist cosmopolitanism on Earth’ vs Google Mars. … Continue reading

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Labour intensive

Without wishing to invoke Betteridge’s law of headlines, is Bitcoin a bubble? For an essential primer, John Lanchester’s LRB story on the currency last year is the gold standard. But for an even more alarmist headline, this time without a … Continue reading

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Around the world

Cyriak’s latest is all about horses / the sound of a gif / a recent Google Doodle celebrating coding for kids / good overview – with simulations – of the challenges facing carbon capture / airport runways, abstracted / the … Continue reading

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Things we learned

Open for Business, 1966 VW Van brochure / the end of Every Frame a Painting / 52 things I learned in 2017 (also via K) / for her 90th birthday, Elton John’s estranged mother hired an Elton John tribute act … Continue reading

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Tech talk

What ‘Tech World’ did you grow up in? Interactive nostalgia courtesy of the Washington Post. A world where there are speed trials with mouse robots in Japan. The robot learns the maze first then returns to the start point to … Continue reading

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