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Random round-up from here and there

Wave Girl, a culture blog / an interview with Slowdive’s Neil Halstead / inspirational item of the week: The Great Blueness. At I Am Acrylic / Cars on Film, a tumblr, not to be confused with the Internet Movie Cars … Continue reading

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Checks and balances

Citywide transportation based on gyroscopic balancing buses. Some beautiful animation, and defiantly utopian. See also this city of rotating buildings from 2007 or do away with commuting altogether and just wait for work to come to you: the Clockwork City … Continue reading

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What happened when

The story behind a few things: the story of gated reverb / the origins of Zork / an obsession with foppishness, retro, or just the old ways, Print Mag explores the origins and influences of the McSweeney’s Aesthetic / Doug … Continue reading

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Number of the beast

La Bestia, a project by Swen Renault on the Beast of Gévaudan, responsible for a series of deaths between 1764 and 1767 that ‘were said to have been committed by a beast or beasts that had formidable teeth and immense … Continue reading

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All at sea

Koski is a board game that you play with a tablet, a sort of Monument Valley made 3D / what if the Doctor Who theme was recorded by John Carpenter? Or Vangelis? Or even Jean-Michel Jarre? / images of A … Continue reading

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Google Street View photography discovered and presented by Jacqui Kenny (via Metafilter). Related, the Streetview Landscapes of Aaron Hobson (also via MeFi) / portraits of Trellick Tower residents by Nicola Muirhead / more architectural photography: Spaceships by Lars Stieger (via … Continue reading

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