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Raising up

Other things and random thoughts. The Pioneering Spirit is a truly big thing, the largest vessel ever built at 403,342 gross tons and 123.75m wide (Wikipedia), designed specifically to lift oil rigs without the need to dissemble them. With a … Continue reading

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Built up to knock down

News of the slightly unusual edition. BA boss shocked to find out that third Heathrow runway will raze his HQ. BA’s Waterside, an award-winning office block by Niels Torp, looks set to be a casualty of the forthcoming third runway. … Continue reading

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Hugged to death

Modern Berlin is the latest map from Blue Crow Media. The spike of interest in architecture-related travel continues unabated with Phaidon’s Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: West Coast USA. Modern architecture has always had this problem of being reduced to … Continue reading

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Good maps

The crumbling infrastructure of the nuclear age intersects with religious fervour in North Dakota’s concrete pyramid / paintings by Phil Hale (via Hi-Fructose) / Unkee E, a flickr stream rich with illustrated and printed ephemera / Peter Serafinowicz’s Sassy Trump … Continue reading

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Things to do

Thomas Edison’s Hugely Ambitious “To-Do” List from 1888 (via Coudal) / Photographic Reunions in Peterborough by Chris Porsz (via Kottke) / t- e ni h?m-are of·`a c ty, an experiment in atmospheric virtual city-making (via RPS) / British problems / … Continue reading

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A selection of recent photography

Photography by Mischa Haller / see also Amelia Shepherd’s project Peacehaven in III parts / photography by Sarah Janes / The Politics of the Office is a photographic series by Andreia Alves de Oliveira, quietly chronicling the subtle ‘system of … Continue reading

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New builds

A house in the Alps, a short film on Kirsten Dirksen’s very engaging channel dedicated to small, architecturally elegant dwellings / architecture photos of the year, a shortlist / top 30 Art Deco houses at Wowhaus / beautiful stop motion … Continue reading

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Drifting on the wind

In Love with Japan, an illustrated book by Johana Kroftová / beautiful illustrations by Erwin Kho / glacial, disconcerting self portraits by Katerina Belkina / Driving Survival, post-apocalyptic road trip pursuit game (via RPS) / vaguely, sort of, could be … Continue reading

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Contemporary portraiture by Alexandra Diez de Rivera / Desert Islands, a design project by Elisa Chieruzzi, which brings to mind Judith Schalansky’s Atlas of Remote Islands (subtitled, ‘Fifty Islands I have not visited and never will’), and seen here at … Continue reading

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Keep it short and simple

Crows, a series by Marten Lange / Photographing the Impact of California’s Water Crisis, by Mustafah Abdulaziz for the New York Times / colour guide from 1692 at Colossal / grand photographs of mountains by Tim Hall.

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Some interesting things

Some interesting things / an interview with painter Eva Mansdorf at Painting Perceptions / Apologia is hosting an open forum for links about ‘digital space and fabricated realities’ / Herzog & de Meuron reflect on the decade-long process of building … Continue reading

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Flying my bike past the gates of the factories

The Re-birth of the Company, a book about the creeping return to the glory (?) days of the Corporate Town. Wikipedia has a list of company towns. We’re living in an age when corporations are suggesting they sift through your … Continue reading

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World building and the building of worlds

More design and illustration. Beautiful objects by Santi Zoraidez, including Embedded / Habitat 316/D, an imagined socialist dystopia by Marcin Wolski / Airport of the Future, illustrations by Sam Chivers / illustrations by Federico Babina / Beware the Bibliophilia, a … Continue reading

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Affadavit magazine, taking ‘a middle route between in-depth essays and short-form arts journalism. It is designed to be engaging and precise, grounded in the moment as it moves from topic to topic’ / Blackpaint’s Blog, a site about painting / … Continue reading

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