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Vaguely seasonal wanderings

Scenes From Underground, recent troglodytic photography collected at The Atlantic / Fabian Krueger’s images of Eltz Castle in Germany / paintings by Jon Redmond / the great Obscure Media subreddit / the video artwork of Cao Fei, ‘flitting between real … Continue reading

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The story of Action Comics, the blood-soaked weekly for 70s kids / Atlas Obscura maps its 10,000 global points of interest / Robin Davey is an illustrator and animator / some online magazines: Klat Magazine; Flow Magazine; Paste Magazine; Little … Continue reading

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Other half living

This year’s Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Catalogue is here, so the Christmas panic is over. Thirty-six classic children’s first editions, a steal at $100,000. The Rose-gold private plane also caught our eye, although the Cobalt Valkyrie is mean enough without … Continue reading

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Books about things

Grim London, a macabre map of the capital / McMansion Hell, the ten circles of housing insanity / A Brief History of the Studio as an Instrument, over at the Ableton website / The Adventures of Tintin: Breaking Free, anarchism … Continue reading

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More roads to the future

The Road Not Taken: How we found (and lost) the dream of Personal Rapid Transit, by Adi Robertson. In the utopian timeline (which could sitll happen), these PRT systems could be reborn in the form of self-driving autonomous cars. What … Continue reading

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Wired to the world

Stephen Walter’s map of ‘Nova Utopia‘ is a characteristically hyperdense cartographic narrative journey, a ‘a fictionalization of Thomas More’s Utopia, shown now in the present day, 500 years on from when it was first written. The book of 1516 forms … Continue reading

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Fleeting satellites

Streets, San Francisco photography by Leigh Merrill (via This Isn’t Happiness) / The Secret Lives of Buildings, a photographic series by Marc Yankus (via Lens Scratch) / Why I bought a Titan II missile silo, a film series / Snoopy … Continue reading

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Hidden movements

Unknown Tourism, commemorating lost wildlife / the making of Forza 3 / The Bolted Book Facsimile, an ‘exact copy of Fortunato Depero’s 1927 iconic work of avant-garde graphic design and book-making’ / Ghost Photographs, a tumblr / when do dictators … Continue reading

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Peeks, pokes and beeps

Music: Amber Days; Radiolarium / life in Japan, rendered in 8-bit style / the Map of Alien Invaders, by Jason Thompson / Marble District, quarry photogaphs by Francesco Luciani / revisiting: tiny letters to the web we miss / 20 … Continue reading

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On the up

Beware the Vibrant, on the misleading language of gentrification. Gentrification is one of those concepts that can only really be observed from a distance; like the apocryphal boiled frog you don’t know it’s happening around you until it’s ‘too late’, … Continue reading

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Blow up

Spectacular planetary views at Daily Overview / the world animated in 8-bit art / more clever pixel things at Essenmitsosse / houses in the woods / anapestic tetrameters, the poetic structure of Dr Seuss / Filthy Luker makes massive urban … Continue reading

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The City Vanishes

Raymond Biesinger, Hans Jenssen and Fabian Oefner are just three of the artists featured in the new Gestalten book ‘Look Inside / the internet of things strikes back / Chinese auto imitation moves on to Porsche / non-fiction by Sarah … Continue reading

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Worse things happen at sea

A forthcoming academic study by Emma Spence on the world of superyacht acquisition and use lays bare the reality that these objects have very little discernible use value in the traditional anthropological sense. They also don’t function as assets, because … Continue reading

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Lights that never go out

How I came to be banned from the world’s most remote island, Tristan da Cunha, by Simon Winchester. ‘We have an unceasing capacity to make ourselves nuisances, basically.’ / sort of related, the amazing Ship Map / also related, the … Continue reading

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Preset potluck

The story of ORCH5, or, theclassical ghost in the hip-hop machine, or how the ORCH5 patch from the Fairlight IIx found its stabby way into hundreds of pieces of music. More on the IIx, and some input from Peter Gabriel … Continue reading

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Beach life

1994 Scientology Handbook / sort of related, the Risks Digest / The last day of hot metal press before computers come in at The New York Times / music: Bitter Lake / Liquid assets: how the business of bottled water … Continue reading

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Some fine images of Antti Lovag’s “Palais Bulles“, latterly owned by Pierre Cardin and on the market for a rumoured £300m / if you want a proper architectural masterpiece, Luis Barragán’s Cuadra San Cristobal in Mexico is substantially more affordable … Continue reading

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Brutal Londo, by Zupagrafika (via Daniel Gray) / Richard Leo Johnson, things that were lost but are now found. Photography from the 70s and 80s. More at Oxford American / abstracted masters painted by Anna Ostoya / Tale Pieces, the … Continue reading

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