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Atoms for space

Every Building in Baghdad: The Rifat Chadirji Archives / film and more at Slightly Intrepid / Dreams of Space, regularly visited / related, the Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness. More marvellous space things at Atomic Rockets and at False … Continue reading

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Raise the roof higher

A tranche of new music curated at Bandcamp Daily / women in publishing, at Motherland, ‘an online destination for women who happen to be mums’ / Peter Garritano’s series Hajwalah looks at drifting culture in the Middle East. See also … Continue reading

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Art and photographs

Harvard Art Museums makes available a large searchable Bauhaus archive / Get in the Sea / Tom Gauld’s Jetpack, a great tumblr / yet more visual insights into Historic London / another look at Henry Ford’s failed jungle utopia, Fordlandia … Continue reading

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Borrowed and Billowing

X-ray images by Xavier Lucchesi / still life photography by Andrew B.Myers / Paging Adam Curtis – ‘Nooscope mystery: The strange device of Putin’s new man Anton Vaino’ / the rise of ‘Borrowing Clubs‘ / parenting styles distilled, a review … Continue reading

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Since you’ve been all mapped out

Superb Popbitch article about the influence and importance of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ 2003 song ‘Maps‘, tracing it through its sampled life with both the Black Eyed Peas and Beyoncé, as well as the track’s inspiration for a peerless and … Continue reading

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Cloak and dagger

A collection of superb images of 1970s Britain. Via the comments: Southsea in 1983 / Thomas Mann house by midcentury great J.R. Davidson: L.A.’s next big teardown? / Welcome to Camp Midlife Crisis. Baldwin in the woods, finding himself / … Continue reading

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Old things revisited

Don’t Parade in My Rain, the art of the TV guide (via MeFi) / making random maps / contemporary embroidery by Sarah K Benning / Wallpaper magazine’s Artist’s Palate / Ghosts of Olympics past, overgrown stadia, etc / why bronze … Continue reading

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Colour me beautiful

Automated Photographic Colorising / Prisma, create art from photos / The Classical Organ in Britain, 1955-1974, at Found Objects / this stuff is always fun: 70s interiors rendered in vivid colour / the rise of the AirBnB-startup visual aesthetic (via … Continue reading

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Hold Zara Responsible for Art Theft / beautiful architectural photography and drone imagery by Dimitar Karanikolov / thanks for the tip, The London Parchment / the City of London Picture Map / Laurence Jones paints Modernism by night / the … Continue reading

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Surveying the past

Diamond Geezer does its annual blogroll review, from which we glean that a) blogs are (probably) dying a long, slow death, and b) blogs are still really good places to read and discover new things, places, people and just stuff … Continue reading

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Strange days

British Artists in Europe, an online gallery / Can mythbusters like keep up in a post-truth era? We’re getting a little tired of newspaper headlines with question marks, to be honest / the cycle of nostaglia gets a little … Continue reading

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