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Castles in the sky

A Guardian report into the wretched 48-storey edifice that is St George Wharf Tower (official site) illustrating the off-shore ownership and generally vacant state of the building. Interesting snippet: ‘At 23,000sq ft, the Tower penthouse is 24 times larger than … Continue reading

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The beat of the drum

Cartographic London, an old post from the turn of the decade / London in 1870 / Celia Reisman paints imaginary suburban landscapes / Tom Tom Magazine, ‘the only magazine in the world dedicated to female drummers’ / architecture magazine the … Continue reading

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Worlds apart

Fantastical worlds created by the artist Simon Stålenhag / converting a Mercedes into a Rolls-Royce, Kazakhstan-style. See also the Geely GE, or this Nissan conversion, Lincoln conversion and Chrysler bodykit. Most of which are collected on this page of Phantom … Continue reading

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Raise the roof higher

A (partly used?) church for sale on Foulness Island / related: The New English Landscape, always worth revisiting / Andy creates alternate histories of American car design as well as offering pithy visual critiques of current trends / life drawing … Continue reading

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Vultures circling the Square

A short history of death on EastEnders / the Urban Lab at UCL / Playboy Magazine and the Architecture of Seduction / interview with Todd Saunders / long read and interview with incoming CEO Brendan Bechtel on how the world’s … Continue reading

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The city’s spiky skyline

One of our new favourite sites, Development Aesthetics looks at the culture of billboard imagery, glossy renders and lifestyle photography that surrounds the many hundreds of new residential developments ‘reshaping’ ‘vibrant’ neighbourhoods in London and elsewhere. ‘Proof, were it still … Continue reading

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Towering or tottering

In the same vein as BCM’s recent Brutalist London Map is the new Art Deco London Map / a project that falls somewhere in the middle, the Tate’s new Switch House is now just a month from opening. See also … Continue reading

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‘The Association of American Publishers records that by 1984, between 40 and 50 percent of American authors were using word processors‘: The New Republic reviews Matthew G. Kirschenbaum’s Track Changes: A Literary History of Word Processing. The Track Changes Tumblr … Continue reading

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Shrouded in mystery

A few links about NK’s wretched Ryugyong Hotel, unfinished, unloved and potentially doomed to stay exactly as it until such time as it can be turned into a ghoulish museum of the regime / happier things: let’s get swimming, contribute … Continue reading

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Stripped back

Designboom on the New York model created by artist Spencer Lowell / save Oslo’s Y-Block, a building by Erling Viksjø / the Futuro House at Central St Martins. More / the landscapes of Uncharted 4 / art by Jules de … Continue reading

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Yet more then and now

Pearl River Delta, then and now / London During the Blitz: Then and Now Photographs / the Peckham Peculiar on Nunhead Cemetery / beautiful animated environments by Carl Burton / the Peckham Zine Club, illustration / Unstuck Pixels, retro gaming … Continue reading

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Side by side

The Subtle Design Features That Make Cities Feel More Hostile / gallery upon gallery of pristine 70s and 80s metal for sale by KGF Classic Cars / Ye Olde Medieval Tube Map (via Kottke) / see also Side by Side … Continue reading

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Technology won’t necessarily save us

The economics of metafilter. Our traffic fell of a cliff in February 2013 and never recovered. Weird / inside the Apple Mac / Death by GPS, when technology leads you astray / a modern house in Rye / kickstart a … Continue reading

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Ribbons, anniversaries, re-imaginings

X-Palm, SMAQ architecture on re-shaping the luxury refuges of the past / the relationship between Ping-Pong and Tech Bubbles / storing energy in railcars on a gentle incline / Chernobyl: Atomic City, a piece by Will Wiles from 2012. Related, … Continue reading

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