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The fourth law

Some snippets / how real is the Atlas robot? / Mental Image, a weblog as ‘visual diary’ / the sonambient recordings of Harry Bertoia / Machine Books offer up condensed histories of architectural style / the World Fair for Church … Continue reading

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Armlocks and wrangled mustangs

The story, yet again, behind Atari’s infamous ET the Extra-Terrestrial game / the arcane detail of professional wrestling holds, e.g. the Stepover armlock camel clutch / building the Barbican / Zaha goes AOR on DiD / All the vertical landing … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes at the museums

Graphic Designers Surveyed, thoughts and statistics from nearly 2,000 practitioners in the UK and US / which sent us back to Grafik Magazine, now online only but still brilliant / The Principality of Lichtenstein: from ‘WHAAM!’ to ‘WHAAT?’ at Paul … Continue reading

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Fake it till you make it

A series of concrete installations by David Umemoto / Hybrids in the Air, what next for the Fairey Rotodyne. More at the BBC. The painting was by the late Cavendish Morton, artist, designer, educator and all-round creative mind / illustrations … Continue reading

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White horses

A roiling digital sea: a beautiful wave simulator / Casa Michael Bay, Hollywood / Filigrane, a tumblr by by photographer Maxime Brouillet / The Garden of Earthly Delights (via MeFi). From the link, two locations hosting vast art scans: Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Some architecture stuff

Architecture things. Barbican Residents is a more refined version of the Modernist Estates monograph. The motivation for participation is slightly hard to parse (via the excellent Meanwhile mailing list) / related, concrete gets a cursing over at the Daily Mail … Continue reading

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Bubbling Under

It’s easy to sneer at the misguided thinking behind the most elaborate way-out one-off concept cars – the recent Qatari Elibriea springs to mind – but the logic of creating a striking but improbable proposal to buoy interest in your … Continue reading

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What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

216 foreign words for positive emotional states and concepts that we don’t have in English, Tim Lomas’s Positive Lexicography Project. We are fuelled by Saudade and Natsukashii and a love of Volta, Koromebi, Thróisma and Wabi-sabi. Most of these, in … Continue reading

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A Monday selection

Passive-aggressive architecture: the story of Spite Houses / retro flash fun with Gary Penn / a look back at Anger, Kenneth / the view from Dawson Heights / in a similar sort of vein, Veronidelica, a tumblr / Cold House, … Continue reading

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