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The Far Reaches of Space

Exploring the solar system in Wanderers, a short film by digital artist Erik Wernquist / The Scribbler, a weblog / Photos from the Bank of England’s vaults, taken from the Bank’s Museum. The images of the demolition of the Soane … Continue reading

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Deep down trauma hounds

The architect David Chamberlin has an intriguing personal website, including details of his work for the Ralph M Parsons Company, then as now a mighty engineering outfit. Parsons has a huge number of military and foreign clients, building nuclear installations, … Continue reading

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Inside out

A couple of fine interiors blogs, Inspiration from Pentreath and Hall (lots of lovely landscape and garden images too) and the fine Bible of British Taste, a sort of UK-centric version of The Selby with fewer tattoos / Clock Without … Continue reading

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Getting high, or not

How Zano Raised Millions on Kickstarter and Left Most Backers with Nothing [link now fixed, apologies] / preview the acts at the Lewes Psych Festival: Zofff; Novella; Soft Walls; Wax Machine; The Cult of Dom Keller; Virginia Wing / more … Continue reading

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Cryptozoology, conspiracy and the laws of general ignorance

There have been several formative books on the psychology of deception, both as practiced upon others and the self. Some that stand out include the 1981 publication of Jan Harold Brunvand’s 1981 book The Vanishing Hitchhiker (the first of his … Continue reading

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Loops and dials

Is the art of shorthand dying? / did anyone buy this hugely expensive Mad Men JLC watch / Muswell Hillbillies, a tumblr / house with a cave (more) / house from a bunker / more at Grand Designs for sale, … Continue reading

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Things on screen

11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee. Restoring an engine / How GM Beat Tesla to the First True Mass-Market Electric Car / related: end of the road as car use falls? / Teenage Crushes, selling the supercars … Continue reading

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Behind the corrugated mask

London’s wheels keep turning, occasionally spinning wildly. We probably wrote about the frankly rather mediocre Vauxhall Bus Station back in the distant past, noting how the clunky canopy, bizarre ‘ski jump’ and Airstream-inspired ticket office felt like typical salves for … Continue reading

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Various archives and revived memories

Unfinished Father, a 2015 project by Erik Kessels, a very personal project from the publisher of the In Almost Every Picture series of found albums. More at It’s Nice That / Dubdog, always satisfying to stumble across a well-cultivated flickr … Continue reading

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Road to [fill in blank]

There are two distinct road maps towards a future of autonomous driving; evolution and revolution. Technology tends to infiltrate society using the former method, with the occasional – perhaps even generational – revolutionary upheaval stirring the pot and providing the … Continue reading

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Flailing, not drowning

The Food Timeline takes you on a historical journey back to the earliest recipes, and before / Taste, a ‘Design Observer Symposium on Food and Visual Culture’ / Various Small Fires has a piece on Adrian Street, a 70s-era wrestler … Continue reading

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2016 enters, stage right

Happy new year to all. A selection of links to start 2016. Animated illustrations by Clara Juliano / many gems to be found at the Product Manual Archive, e.g. the Sears 8M Calculator, Lego Baseplate, Fallour Protection Guide / The … Continue reading

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