2016 enters, stage right

Happy new year to all. A selection of links to start 2016. Animated illustrations by Clara Juliano / many gems to be found at the Product Manual Archive, e.g. the Sears 8M Calculator, Lego Baseplate, Fallour Protection Guide / The Cars of Cuba (via Autoblog) / the 387 houses of Peter Fritz / Soviet Moonshot, a Lego idea / linocuts by Andrew Crooks / modern nudes and other art at Paho’Paper / which links us to the Field Guide to American pulp artists / an epic National Parks road trip / the story of London’s protected views / advanced material testing, a video of things beings squeezed and shattered in slow motion / a tumblr by Rikard Lindby / music: the return of the Honky Chateau / bands: Motes; Elder; Teeth of the Sea / Wowhaus’s Top 50 finds of 2015 / the forgotten housing estates of Paris, photographs by Laurent Kronental at dezeen.

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