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Christmas bundle

A rag tag bundle of things, probably to sign off for the year. Christmas and the Interior / the perfect 2015 Christmas card / World Maps Without New Zealand, the country that always seems to fall off the edge / … Continue reading

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Keeping it all together

All about the Commonplace Book, the Moleskine of history (via MeFi) / sort of related, from last year, Tiny Letters to the Web We Miss, Joanne McNeil on TinyLetter and the resurgence in small scale, low key blogging / Works … Continue reading

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Links coming thick and fast

Presets – Digital Shortcuts to Sound (via MeFi) / Is there still any point collecting books?, ask Howard Jacobsen / versus Tsundoku, ‘the Japanese Word for the New Books That Pile Up on Our Shelves’ / a very beautiful essay, … Continue reading

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Glass, steel and distant views

Kuala Lumpur airport seeks owner of ‘abandoned’ jets. Three unclaimed 747 freighters. Something to do with Air Atlanta Icelandic, a less than reputable organisation according to this post / Fractal Gears / Barbie haunts your dreams / Novelty Magazine, issue … Continue reading

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Tuesday Destinations

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All in the wrist

Harry Winston Opus 14, a £400,000 watch that distills about fifty years of American pop culture into an unsurprisingly bloated statement / also just in time for Christmas, passive aggressive shopping guide / maybe buy them the must-have personal scooter … Continue reading

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Return to sender

Legofy any image (via MeFi, which also links a simpler version for the github averse) / paintings by Jason Barner-Rasmussen / Modernist Estates posts on the 1937 documentary Kensal House, a celebration of this ‘visionary gas-powered community in north-west London’. … Continue reading

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The furious five

Peter Guenzel’s photo essay on Lotus captures the extreme effort the British sports car company went to launch five concept cars at the 2010 Paris Motorshow, heralding a new era for the company. It was an incredibly ambitious plan, one … Continue reading

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On the Beach

The modern ruin is the perfect trope of the technological era, a perfect blend of nostalgia, retro utopianism and brutal schadenfreude. There can be few more complete composites of these elements than Dellis Cay, a proposed development of starchitect-designed villas … Continue reading

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