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Cities, as they are sometimes imagined

A rare good news story: saving Cressingham Gardens, a small victory over redevelopment crazed London councils / Twelve Cautionary Tales, urbanism, fiction and flights of a fevered imagination / isochronic world map, ‘shows where to go, how long it took … Continue reading

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Long waves

The Architecture of Radio, ‘a data visualization, based on global open datasets of cell tower, Wi-Fi and satellite locations. Based on your GPS location the app shows a 360 degree visualization of signals around you…’ / Suck, again. Always a … Continue reading

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David Byrne’s ‘Guitar Pedals‘, Tokyo, 2010 (via Effect Pedal). More.

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High in the sky

Modernist greeting cards at Things You Can Buy versus The Triumph of Postmodernism. Pomo is fast becoming an endangered species / Despicable Me meets Dr Strangelove meets the Big Brother House in this conceptual scheme for Russia’s Ministry of Emergency … Continue reading

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‘My heart sunk, I felt absolutely sick’

The Dennis Sharp Archive / the Infocom Cabinet, design documents and minutae from the creation of Infocom’s famous series of text adventures / a MeFi post dredging up this fantastic episode of From A to B, tales of Modern Motoring, … Continue reading

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No longer collecting for ourselves

In the early years of the internet, the sense of discovery often outweighed the quality and interest of what one actually discovered. At every corner, there seemed to be an outpouring of folk art and taxonomy and presentation and personal … Continue reading

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A commune on the hill

The shortlist of the UK House of the Year, 2015 / John Pawson’s instagram is kind of what you’d expect / an Architectural Revolution That Never Quite Was, the story of Prickly Mountain, a community of extraordinary architecture in Vermont … Continue reading

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The animals are winding me up

The Dream Life of Driverless Cars, Geoff Manaugh on the ‘mad machine hallucinations’ created by LIDAR splashing across the changing cityscapes, and what this might mean for how we perceive and shape a new machine-centric urbanism. Very much related: Toyota … Continue reading

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Cities, skyline, lizard

Godzilla Simulator. Finally, a worthwhile application for VR. Sort of related, building a town in Cities: Skylines for just a single family (via MeFi). No sign of a C:S Godzilla mod yet (unlike in SimCity). Also related, Rampage

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Masked Letters and other concealments

The Masked Letter of 1777 is puzzle, wordplay and code all in one. Hand-written with careful precision, the letter had to be combined with a specially cut mask to reveal a very different meaning. Other steganographic ploys have been used … Continue reading

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High and over?

London from 600 feet up, building the Post Office Tower in 1964. Two years later the Rank Organisation returned to visit the rotating restaurant in Eating High. The viewing gallery was bombed in 1971 and the restaurant closed. It re-opened, … Continue reading

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You’ve got mail

From Dirty Modern Scoundrel, a blog by John Grindrod to accompany his book Concretopia: A Journey Around the Rebuilding of Postwar Britain, ‘Carry On Modernism‘. A collection of the ‘top five encounters between Carry On and Modernism’ (i.e. Kenneth Williams … Continue reading

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Concrete and jungles

Urban Jungle Street View, transform the world into some kind of post-human, after Earth-style garden city / related, architectural wastelands by Nicolas Moulins (via Socks Studio) / 4K Sun / Cat’s Forehead, contemporary visual culture in Japan (‘The name CAT’S … Continue reading

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I love you, you pay my rent

The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, a radical youth movement in early twentieth century Britain / Communication in the presence of Noise, art by Sean Paul / the London that might have been / Why don’t people see the Yeti … Continue reading

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