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Haunted houses

Box Vox, a superb blog about packaging design old and new / re-making the B-29 (via MeFi) / Mapumental, transport times from London mapped / Let’s Make Robots / We are not alone, an Awful Library Book. A link to … Continue reading

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Daft, inappropriate or wasteful

Some connected things. Love London Council Housing, an obviously titled blog celebrating the best of social housing in the capital. To be read in conjunction with Modernist Estates, this recent news story – ‘One in three councils ‘not replacing Right … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes at the mill

Private Eye’s alternative Land Registry maps the scale of off-shore property ownership in the UK. The map sets out property acquired by overseas companies between 2005 and July 2014 / sort of related, a collection of the UK’s top 10 … Continue reading

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Bottles and apples

A random collection that encompasses almost everything. Scans from ‘the earliest Chinese book printed by the technique of polychrome xylography‘ / Thomas Kiefer, the El Sueno Americano Project / Alcor once more / Lawrence Lee Magnuson continues to curate one … Continue reading

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‘… the heaviest of all extant musical instruments’

According to Wikipedia, the Carillon is ‘the heaviest of all extant musical instruments’, comprising of ‘at least 23 cast bronze, cup-shaped bells, which are played serially to produce a melody, or sounded together to play a chord’. Most remarkable of … Continue reading

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Shapes and sounds

Odd things. Ions in the Ether, a tumblr / 91 shot table tennis rally / another iconic Japanese hotel prepares for demolition. More from Monocle / Twitter is terrible pt723: Judy Murray vs Yoko Ono / Follow the Brown Signs, … Continue reading

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