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The Curta calculator

The Curta is a cult mechanical calculator, a complex arrangement of gears and cogs that can be used to perform a wide array of calculations by a combination of rotating and arranging an array of dials and sliders. There are … Continue reading

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High and dry

The Frontier House Daniel Stier’s project The Frontier House looks at new housing and communities in the UK. The sudden arrival of instant nature and landscaping and the juxtaposition between newness and what existed on the site before / Operation … Continue reading

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Islands in the sun

Nostalgia and technology, music and memory / the Aibos are dying. Back in 1999, they really did seem like the future / a post celebrating the glorious world that was SNUB-TV, coming via the world of, one of those … Continue reading

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High and low

A whole load of randomness today. The story of Wendon, ‘Ireland’s first modern home’, a thesis by Brendan Madden / KLF: Embrace the Contradictions, a documentary (via b3ta) / paintings by Martin Wehmer (via Miss Moss) / Brutalist Walking Simulator … Continue reading

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Trial treatments

From Woman and Home magazine, December 1937: these two adverts were on different pages. Each cream promises a very different result, with a very different price, even though they come from the same postal address in Willesden Green. Could the … Continue reading

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The 19-day, 57-storey skyscraper

Chairman Zhang’s flatpack skyscrapers: ‘Steel is delivered to one of Broad Group’s six huge hangar-like factories, where it is machine-cut and welded into one of a few basic modules – a column, crossbeam or floor section. These are then loaded … Continue reading

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Things made and unmade

Unbelievably, we have overlooked the excellent Unmaking Things for so many years (link via). Born out of the Royal College of Art / Victoria and Albert Museum History of Design MA course – just like things itself – it is … Continue reading

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Don’t go in the basement

Architecture and design round-up. A couple of titanic Art Deco piles to kick-off: Villa Cavrois, France (via The Spaces) and Villa Dirickz, Belgium (via Wowhaus) / Cartastrophe, ‘mistakes were made’ in the presentation process. See also, a new way … Continue reading

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